How to Unlock the Frying Dutchman in Saints Row

Saints Row Frying Dutchman cover

The Frying Dutchman is one of the rare unlockable cars in Saints Row. This monster truck is refitted to look like a pirate ship with wheels, and not only can it crush other vehicles by running over them, it can also deploy its own ball and chain to cause more destruction to any tailgaters.

In this guide, we will talk about the Frying Dutchman and reveal the locations where its parts can be found.

How to Unlock the Frying Dutchman in Saints Row

To unlock the Heavyweight, you must find all its five parts scattered across the Rojas Desert North. These parts are contained within mailboxes that are located under a large pinwheel. The pinwheel fins for the Heavyweight parts are colored in red and yellow.

These pinwheels are visible as a glint of light when in range, and they are also depicted with a yellow pinwheel icon on the mini map. Once the parts have been taken from the mailboxes, the icons of these pinwheels will disappear from the mini map, but they will still show their glint. Their glint can be seen in the air either during daytime or nighttime, but due to their sandy and rocky locations, it is easier to spot the glints at night.

Frying Dutchman Part Locations

All Frying Dutchman parts are located in Rojas Desert North and are tagged as naval car parts for the Ghost of the Frying Dutchman challenge. These parts can be obtained in no particular order.

Part #1 – Fryer of the Deep

This part can be located near a campsite close to a lake.

Part #2 – Gunpowder Cannons

This part can be located near the vista rails.

Part #3 – Wooden Hull

This part can be located on top of a small part of a cliff. Take a chopper or use the nearby wingsuit tower to propel into the air and land near the pinwheel.

Part #4 – Ship’s Helm

This part can be located on top of a ridge, near the landing pads.

Part #5 – Main Mast

This part can be located near the central 4-way intersection in the desert.

Frying Dutchman Monster Truck and Presets

Once all parts have been collected, the Frying Dutchman will be immediately added into your garage. It has one preset which can be purchased, plus it has additional body mods. Its signature ability is the Ball & Chain.

Default Frying Dutchman

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