Lost Ark Collect Information – Anytime, Anywhere Quest Walkthrough

Lost Ark Collected Information

The Lost Ark Anytime, Anywhere Collect Information About Prisoners Roster Quest requires you to gather information about prisoners on Kalthertz Island. We assume that the person searching for this guide has already accepted the quest and is in a hurry to get the necessary knowledge, as the island has a specific Item Level requirement.

For a variety of reasons, this is a lot easier said than done. As a starting point, Anywhere, Anytime doesn’t actually advise you where to find and collect the data on Prisoners in the game. To make matters worse, there’s a random number generator component that’s created quite a bit of uncertainty.

How To Collect Information About Prisoners on Anytime, Anywhere Quest Step by Step Guide

Collection information quest - Lost Ark

Step 1

In order to collect information about the prisoners in the Lost Ark Anytime, Anywhere quest, you only need to liberate them from the slave market in east Kalthertz, regardless of their price. Make sure to stick in the 300 and less price range (Pirate Coins). Each day, you have the option of releasing up to five prisoners.

Step 2

Once they’ve been freed, they’ll run away and mail you a thank-you gift or reward. The rewards are waiting for you in the mail from Mail Carrier Troy (or visit posts in any city) called Letter of Gratitude. You may or may not find the information you’re looking for in these chests, because they hold a variety of rewards.

Mail Carrier Troy - Lost Ark

Step 3

Open the Chest of Reward. Now, RNG is your nemesis. Some of the prisoners you release may not be able to provide you with letters that count as the information you need to gather. That’s why you should keep charges as low as possible. You need 3/3 intel to turn in the quest. If you didn’t get enough, repeat the process in the next daily in-game reset.

Chest of Reward - Lost Ark

Later, after collecting the information, speak with informant Nison and complete the quest. To be honest, based on my experience, this will take more than one day to complete. Keep doing this until you get the results you want. Wishing you the best of luck!

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