Star Ocean The Divine Force: Puffy’s Debut Quest Guide

Helping out an idol in need

Star Ocean Puffy's Debut feature

Puffy’s Debut is part of the series of side quests in Star Ocean: The Divine Force that can be found in the Imperial Capital. Read on, and this guide will teach players how to complete this request efficiently and what rewards await them.

How to Start Puffy’s Debut Side Quest

To start this Puffy’s Debut quest, players must head inside the inn of the Imperial Capital. Look for Puffy and she will ask players to show her a Farleen Es’owa Piece. Accept her request and the side quest will begin.

How to Complete Puffy’s Debut Side Quest

How to Complete Puffy's Debut Side Quest

To Complete this sidequest, players must head to Larcette Village near the Inn entrance. Challenge the Anxious Man in the mini-game, Es’owa. Once you have successfully defeated him, you will earn the piece that Puffy requested. Report back to her and the quest will be completed.

Puffy’s Debut Side Quest Rewards

Puffy's Debut Side Quest Rewards

Once the quest is completed, players will receive the following rewards that can be beneficial for future endeavors in Star Ocean The Divine Force:

  • Farleen

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