Destiny 2 Warlock – Dawnblade Solar 3.0 Aspects

A guide on the Dawnblade Aspects in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Dawnblade Aspect cover

Destiny 2 Dawnblades are the Warlock subclass that have mastery over the Solar element. The recent Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Solar 3.0 update gave Dawnblades a couple of new abilities, as well as some changes to its aspects for players to enjoy.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Destiny 2 Warlock: Dawnblade Solar 3.0 Aspects, especially the new tweaks that have been done in some of them.

Dawnblade, Warlocks attuned to the Solar element.

Dawnblades currently have three (3) aspects to choose from. Only two aspects can be equipped at a time.

Icarus Dash

For the Icarus Dash Aspect, dodge quickly while airborne. While Heat Rises is active, you have an additional dodge. It has two (2) Fragment Slots.

Heat Rises

For the Heat Rises Aspect, you can fire weapons, melee, and throw grenades while gliding. Hold to activate Heat Rises, consuming your grenade. Final blows while airborne increase the duration of Heat Rises and grant melee energy. It has two (2) Fragment Slots.

Touch of Flame

For the Touch of Flame Aspect, your Healing, Solar, Firebolt, Fusion grenades have enhanced functionality.

  • Healing Grenade: Improves the strength of cure and restoration effects applied.
  • Solar Grenade: Increases linger duration. Periodically emits blobs of lava around its perimeter.
  • Firebolt Grenade: Increases target search radius and maximum target count.
  • Fusion Grenade: Explodes twice.
Incinerator Snap.

As of the latest Solar 3.0 update, Heat Rises saw some changes on how it works (based from the changelog):

  • Heat Rises: 
    • Now also improves Phoenix Dive. While Heat Rises is active, you are granted Restoration while diving, and deal damage to and Scorch nearby enemies on landing. 
    • Now grants +70 airborne effectiveness to your equipped weapons rather than removing the airborne accuracy penalty.

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