Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed All Cloning Chamber Costumes and How to Unlock Them

It's the glow up worthy of world domination

Interchangeable costumes are the best ways to express yourself in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed. There’s just something comical about an alien dressed as Yeti tossing mech walkers at Blisk Warriors. But more than that, these costumes look very good in cutscenes – at least the ones on current-gen consoles.

Although we get a handful of nice-looking alternate costumes to start the game, it’s with the unlockable ones that you should really look out for.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about unlocking more costumes. We’ll touch up a bit on the DLC costumes and where you can get them.

Default Skins

The first 10 costumes barely count. They are merely pallete swap variations of Cypto’s regular outfit. Here are the rest that follows:

  • Crypto-137
  • Crypto-136
  • Dollarsmart
  • Killing Joke
  • Classic Crypto
  • The King
  • MOOtant
  • Pale Rider
  • BFG-137
  • Krampus
  • Frosty
  • Midas’Touch
  • Ain’t no Man
  • Worst Nightmare

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Unlockable Costumes

Peace Out, Man

  • Complete all objectives in “The Alien Who Probed Me”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Use explosives to destroy the trucks
    • Kill soldiers with their own rockets
    • Dodge Bongwater’s shot

Surf and Turf

  • Complete all objectives in “The Guns of Alcatraz”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Don’t touch the water
    • Kill the fleeing agent with an explosive
    • Use Repulse-O-Tron to deflect missiles

Know Thy Enemy

  • Complete all objectives in “No Pox, Please – We’re British”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Use chemical barrels to kill KGB agents
    • Critical hit Oranchov using Anal Probe
    • Use the Anal Probe to kill KGB agents


  • Complete all objectives in “La Femme Natalya”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Do not get reported
    • Use the Anal Probe to cleanse mutants
    • Kill all mutants


  • Complete all objectives in “The Majestic File”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Kill humans affected by Mindflash
    • Dodge Ponsoby’s shot

Haiku Slinger

  • Complete all objectives in “Revenge of the Ninja”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Listen to the Radio as the right human
    • Collect plants samples for Pox
    • Kill 4 Ninja with 1 Ion Detonator shot

Way of the Furon

  • Complete all objectives in “Dr. Go!”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Kill a KGB agent with a Ninja
    • Kill a Ninja with a KGB agent
    • Use Sonic Boom to destroy mech soldiers

Crypto Dundee

  • Complete all objectives in “Kojira Kaiju Battle”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Avoid critical overcharge level
    • Hit Kojira’s belly with Ion Detonator


  • Complete all objectives in “The Siberian Job”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Destroy transport vehicles
    • Destroy a tank with a tank

The XO

  • Complete all objectives in “Dark Side of the Moon”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Throw cosmonauts into the acid
    • Blow up cosmonauts with Blisk grenades
    • Prevent Milenkov from fully regenerating

Call Me Nemo

  • Complete all objectives in “Rage of Aquarius”
  • Including optional objective:
    • Use Revelade on cops


  • Complete all objectives in “I Left my parts in San Fran… Err Bay City”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Kill hippies with each bit of tech junk
    • Destroy tanks with tanks

Haiku Warrior

  • Complete all objectives in “Double-Tap into The Power”
  • Including optional objectives:
    • Use a rocket to kill Hiroto
    • Use a rocket to kill Kenji Mojo

That’s No Yeti

  • Complete all objectives in “The Abominable Yeti”
  • Including optional objective:
    • Kill monsters

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed DLC Costumes

To unlock the DLC costumes, you’re going to need to buy the “Dressed to Skill” pack from your respective storefront, be it on PC or on consoles. Additionally, by completing all DLC challenges that come with the pack, you will unlock the Golden Boy!

  • Mr. Sparkle Butt – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Murder Hornet – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Killer Crynoid – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Monkeybrain – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Crypto-300 – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Braaaaaains – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Licensed to Probe – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Lishenshed to Probe – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Far Out Man – Unlocked by skin pack
  • My Name Cryptoz – Unlocked by skin pack
  • Golden Boy – Complete all DLC Challenges

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed is out now on current-gen consoles and PC (via Steam).

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