Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed All Tunguska Collectibles Locations

Tunguska in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed is a frozen forest where its only notable features are a nuclear power plant… and a heavily radiated area that’s hiding some very nasty monsters. Let’s just say that you don’t want to be spending your holidays here if you can help it.

In this guide, we’ll point you in the direction of every Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Tunguska collectibles you can find on the map. The collectibles are marked on the map but it’s up to you to get the exact location.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Albion Collectibles

Use the game’s in-game collectible tracker to help you out. You should see the bottom of your screen pinging more frequently the closer you are to a collectible. Otherwise, feel free to use our guide to point you in the right direction.

(You may want to open these maps on a different tab to be able to zoom in.)

All Tunguska Artifact Locations

Unlike other collectibles, Artifacts are not unique. They are a number and no matter where you get them from, it contributes to the overall unlocks instead of corresponding to a specific piece of art.

All Tunguska Furonigami Locations

The easiest things to find on this map, in terms of Furonigami collectibles are the posters. There aren’t many human settlements in the region so finding them was very easy.

  • Tunguska Soldiers
    • On the large cargo ship in the North.
  • Tunguska Scientist
    • At the nuclear power plant on one of the building’s walls.
  • The Subversive Crone
    • Russian mafia settlement Eastern most part of the map.
  • The Yeti
    • Trailer. Cabin. The westernmost point of the map.
  • Blisk Warriors
    • At the bunker door. South of the KGB base.

Most of the records can be found the moment you enter the region. That is with the exception of two records.

  • The 9th record can only be obtained during the “A Deadly Reaction” story mission. It is found in the vehicle bay within the 3rd bunker. Instead of going left to the objective, turn right and you should find it behind a stack of boxes on the delivery platform.
  • The 10th record is only attainable after dispursing the radioactive cloud around the area Southwest of the map.

All Tunguska Furotech Cells Locations

Furotech cells are required to upgrade weapons and armor in Pox-Mart. Collecting them seems like a hassle but when you realize how many cells you need to upgrade your gear, the search for them becomes a little of a priority.

Some cells are located up high on buildings and power lines. Thankfully, they stand out from the white background.

One last thing, finding all the artifacts unlocks the “Arty Facts” trophy. The same goes for finding all the records, that one unlocks the “This is Earth Radio” trophy. Getting all the posters unlocks the “Gotta Catch All the Pop Art” trophy.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed is out now on current-gen consoles and PC (via Steam).

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