Destroy All Humans 2 All Bay City Collectibles Locations

All Artifact, Furonigami, and Furotech cells locations on the Bay City map

In Destroy All Humans 2, Bay City is the starting area for Cryto’s story in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed. It is best described as a city experiencing a massive cultural shift as the new-age hippy movement clashes with values from another era.

In this guide, we’ll point you in the direction of every Destroy All Humans 2 Bay City Collectibles Locations you can find on the map. The collectibles are marked on the map but it’s up to you to get the exact location.

Destroy All Humans 2 Bay City Collectibles

Use the game’s in-game collectible tracker to help you out. You should see the bottom of your screen pinging more frequently the closer you are to a collectible. Otherwise, feel free to use our guide to point you in the right direction.

(You may want to open these maps on a different tab to be able to zoom in.)

All Bay City Artifact Locations

All Bay City Artifact Locations
All Bay City Artifact Locations

Unlike other collectibles, Artifacts are not unique. They are a number and no matter where you get them from, it contributes to the overall unlocks instead of corresponding to a specific piece of art.

The only artifact that might give you an issue is an artifact located on the Golden Gate bridge. This one is up high, so much so that we didn’t get a ping until we revisited the area while flying around.

All Bay City Furonigami Locations

All Bay City Furonigami Locations

The Furonigami collectibles on this map can be a bit annoying to find. There are many buildings that block line of sight and the bay makes traversing the map a little cumbersome.

  • Hippies
    • Near the Hashbury landing zone. Hippy hangout spot.
  • Bay City Humans
    • Old Fort. Top area.
  • KGB Agents
    • The Rock. Near the docks.
  • Bay City Soldiers
    • Military docks. Inside the compound.
  • Bay City Cops
    • Below the Cait Tower police station.


A stray jukebox disc was reported missing and has since been located. The Furonigami collectible can be found in the backyard of a row of houses West of Coit Tower.

A special shout-out to “The Voidus” for not only informing us of the missing disc but also going so far as to show us its location. (And yes, it does help! Thank you.)

All Bay City Furotech Cells Locations

Furotech cells are required to upgrade weapons and armor in Pox-Mart. Collecting them seems like a hassle but when you realize how many cells you need to upgrade your gear, the search for them becomes a little of a priority.


Both stars have been located again and the map has been updated.

The missing stars are located at:

  • The top of the Old Fort North of the map.
  • On top of the house in the middle of Hashbury.

It was a lapse on our part. Sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for making the issue known to us.

One last thing, finding all the artifacts unlocks the “Arty Facts” trophy. The same goes for finding all the records, that one unlocks the “This is Earth Radio” trophy. Getting all the posters unlocks the “Gotta Catch All the Pop Art” trophy.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed is out now on current-gen consoles and PC (via Steam).

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