Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 3: Hostilities Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 3 Hostilities cover

Hostilities is the third chapter of Fire Emblem Engage. Alear sees an ominous dream in which they appear to be causing destruction while their mother looks at them in horror.

Read on as we go through the events of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 3: Hostilities while we share more details about the story and characters, as well as some tips to help in the battles.

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Chapter 3: Hostilities Walkthrough

After waking up from the bad dream, Alear hears a commotion within another part of the castle. Enemies have managed to breach through the castle walls and the castle is now under siege. Prepare to engage in another battle.

Hostilities Combat Phase

You will be encountering fliers for this fight. These are enemies that ride winged creatures which allows them to ignore any terrain.

Concentrate on fighting the land units first. After a turn or two, more allied units will arrive to your aid. Alfred, Etie, and Boucheron will arrive and join your party. Alfred can provide another avenue for attacks, while Boucheron can support with chain attacks. Etie is effective against the fliers due to her bow.

Continue eliminating the remaining troops. The final enemy at the far end is an armored one, so try using Clanne’s spells to deal significant damage. You can also use this time to start maximizing your preferred units EXP gain by setting the fight up for them to get the final blow.

Death of Queen Lumera

Once the fight is over, a long cutscene will play where a mysterious person in robes appear to steal the rings. When the person is about to attack Alear, Queen Lumera throws herself towards the attack to save Alear, causing her to get badly hurt and eventually die.

Head back to Somniel

You then head back to Somniel as you decide to make it your base. Take the time to talk to the other characters around, especially those who you have gained a bond level with from the previous fights. These characters will have yellow speech bubbles instead of blue to indicate that you can talk to them and level up your bond with them.

Hostilities Post Combat and Exploration

After the fight, you can spend some time talking to the other characters. You’ll be rewarded with the following items:

  • x1 Vulnerary
  • x1 Emblem Sigurd’s Ring

You can also collect the following items from the glowing spots on the ground:

  • x20 Iron Ingot
  • x50 Bond Fragments
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