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Berry Hunting in the Desert

Hanna Berry Genshin Impact Feature

The desert regions of Sumeru are vast and filled with surprises that Genshin Impact players will encounter. There are a ton of farming materials that players can use and among them, there is one item that is common to find in that region and that is the Henna Berry. This guide will teach players where to find them and what uses they have.

What is a Henna Berry in Genshin Impact?

Henna Berry is a local material found in the Sumeru Desert. This fruit grows in the most hostile environments and is usually grown on a cactus and is also very easy to spot for its looks are bright red.

What is Henna Berry - Genshin Impact

This item can be used to help ascend the characters such as Candance and Faruzan to increase their level caps. Below is the total number of Total Henna Berries needed to help increase their ascension levels:

  • Level 20 -> 40: Henna Berries x3
  • Level 40 -> 50: Henna Berries x10
  • Level 50 -> 60: Henna Berries x20
  • Level 60 -> 70: Henna Berries x30
  • Level 70 -> 80: Henna Berries x45
  • Level 80 -> 90: Henna Berries x60

Where to Find Henna Berries in Genshin Impact?

As stated above, Henna Berries can only be found in the Great Red Sand desert of the Sumeru region. Using the character, Tighnari is highly recommended in farming materials in the game for his skill of using Passive Knowledge allows players to see the location of nearby resources commonly found in Sumeru. The image below indicates where most of them are located within the region:

Locations of Where To Find Henna Berry - Genshin Impact
Marked locations of where to find Henna Berry in Sumeru Desert
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Do note that these berries are mostly in the following locations within the Sumeru desert:

  • Aaru Village
  • Land of Upper Setekh
  • Dune of Magma
  • Dune of Carouses

The Henna Berries usually respawn 2 days after players collect them. It is highly recommended that players should collect them in Co-op Mode if they’re out of locations to farm. Sadly, there aren’t any shops that sell these berries, and gathering them in the desert is the only option.

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