High On Life Red or Blue – Best Choice Guide

Which one do you think is hotter?

Should You Pick Blue or Red in High On Life

You’ll have to pick between Red or Blue in order to get past to the Slums in High On Life. The problem here is that you may have trouble figuring out which one to pick considering they both look the same except for having different colors. This guide will teach you which choice is the best between Red or Blue in High On Life.

Should You Pick Blue or Red in High On Life?

It doesn’t matter if you choose to pick red or blue in High On Life. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be able to get to the Slums in Nova Sanctus. The difference is in how the two gatekeepers react to your choice.

Despite looking the same, the two couldn’t be any more different. Blue is more arrogant, confident in his looks and constantly putting down his other half. Red is more timid and not at all confident with himself despite practically being identical. It’s Blue who pressures you into choosing which one you’d ask out if you met both of them at a bar.

High on Life Red or Blue

While you can pick either of the two, there are some different dialogue that will pop out if you chose one over the other. Here are both the two reactions for either of the two choices.

Pick Red

Red will be ecstatic, asking you if you’re sure you choose him. He’ll tell you that this is a big boost to his self-image and open his side of the gate to the Slums for you. Red will greet you more welcomingly from now on, allowing you to pass anytime.

In contrast, Blue will be more aggressive to you. You won’t be able to pass by his side of the gate anymore, but it’s not like that’s a problem. This will persist throughout the entire game.

Pick Blue

Blue will scream that he always knew he was the hot one. He condescendingly comforts Red that it’s okay to be ugly. From then on, he’ll consider you both to be pretty hot and let you pass by his side of the gate..

In contrast, Red will be more timid. He won’t be as aggressive as Blue when rejected, but he won’t let you pass by his side of the gate either.

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That’s our High On Life Red or Blue guide. We hope this helped you understand the weight of your choice between picking who’s hotter. Here are some of our High On Life related content:

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