How to Get Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight valley is a cooking ingredient that’s required to make certain dishes that’ll help you complete quests, increase friendship levels, and earn some star coins during your playthrough.

However, unlike other ingredients, Slush Ice needs to be unlocked by completing a series of Remy’s Friendship Quests. If you’re wondering how and where to get it, here’s what you need to do.

Where to Get Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You can get Slush Ice in Chez Remy’s Pantry. However, this ingredient won’t appear until you’ve finished Remy’s Level 10 Friendship quest called “The Unknown Flavor”.

How to Unlock Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Halfway through The Unknown Flavor Quest, you’ll eventually need to craft an Ice Slush out of 15 Snowballs and a Purified Night Shard Powder.

Refer to our "The Unknown Flavor" quest guide for complete details.

Head over to a crafting station and make the Ice Slush. Afterwards, give the Ice Slush to Remy and permanently unlock the Slush Ice ingredient in Chez Remy’s Pantry, which costs 150 star coins each.

What is Slush Ice used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Several cooking recipes require Slush Ice, and they are as follows:

  • Banana Split – Slush Ice, Banana, Milk, Sugarcane, Any Sweet
  • Banana Ice Cream – Slush Ice, Banana, Milk, Sugarcane
  • Chocolate Ice Cream – Cocoa Bean, Sugarcane, Slush Ice, Milk
  • Coconut Ice Cream – Coconut, Sugarcan, Slush Ice, Milk
  • Red Fruit Sorbet – Raspberry, Gooseberry, Sugarcane, Slush Ice
  • Tropical Pop – Slush Ice, Coconut, Sugarcane, Any Fruit
  • Vanilla Ice Cream – Slush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane, Vanilla
  • Apple Sorbet – Slush Ice, Apple, Sugarcane
  • Ice Cream – Slush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane
  • Pawpsicle – Slush Ice, Sugarcane, Any Fruit
  • Sour Snow Cones – Slush Ice, Lemon, Sugarcane
  • Fruit Sorbet – Slush Ice, Any Fruit
  • Lemon Sorbet – Slush Ice, Lemon
  • Mint Sorbet – Slush Ice, Mint
  • Sweet Slush – Slush Ice, Any Sweet
  • Plain Snow Cones – Slush Ice
The Unknown Flavor Quest Walkthrough 10 - Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can also sell Slush Ice or even consume it raw, but it’s most commonly used as a cooking ingredient. If you’re looking to make some extra coins or make some room in your storage, this ingredient replenishes 225 Energy and sells for 150 Star Coins.

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