How to Unlock 6 Star Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet 6 Star Tera Raid cover

6 Star Tera Raids are one of the most challenging Tera Raids that players can go for in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, aside from the 7 Star Special Tera Raid event. Due to the difficulty level of these Tera Raids, they cannot be accessed until certain requirements are met.

In this guide, we will talk about how to access 6 Star Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Unlock 6 Star Tera Raids?

To unlock 6 Star Tera Raids, you must first complete the three story paths of the game:

This will allow you to access Area Zero in the Great Crater of Paldea where the real finale of the game’s story happens. After completing the story, you’ll be sent back to the Academy to take part of the Academy Ace Tournament. You will have to complete and win through the tournament at least once and you will unlock a special interaction with Jacq.

You will receive a call from Jacq telling you that he will need help in gathering more details about the Crystal Caves where the Tera Raids happen. You will then have to participate in at least ten (10) 5 Star Tera Raids, after which you will get another call from Jacq telling you that some of the Crystal Caves have been inhabited by stronger Tera Pokémon.

At this point, 6 Star Tera Raids will start appearing in Paldea which you can challenge the same way as the other raids. You can also start seeing postings of 6 Star Raids in the online Tera Raid Board.

How to find 6 Star Tera Raids?

Locating 6 Star Tera Raids is easy as they appear as black glowing Tera markers on the map. You will still be able to tell the Tera type of the Pokémon that you’ll be facing, but you will only be able to know what Pokémon it will be once you visit it and interact with it. In the overworld, the Crystal Caves of these 6 Star Tera Raids will also appear as a black crystal regardless of the Tera type of the Pokémon inside it.

There’s usually only one 6 Star Tera Raid that appears on the map at a time and it gets refreshed along with the other raids once a new real-time day begins.

Defeating 6 Star Tera Raids

The Pokémon in 6 Star Raids are no joke as they are powered up to the max. At this point, it’s best to really work on an ace Pokémon, as well as try to work with your teammates in order to synergize with each others’ moves and secure a victory. Some Tera Raids can still be defeated playing solo with an AI team, but it can get quite challenging.

Players have worked on which Pokémon are the best ones to bring into these kinds of raids, and here are just some of them along with what EV stats and moves are recommended for a winning build (the two stats listed should be maxed at 252 each):

  • Perrserker (Atk, Spd)
    • Taunt (Host)
    • Helping Hand (Guest)
    • Swords Dance
    • Iron Head
    • Screech
  • Koraidon (Atk, HP)
    • Collision Course
    • Drain Punch
    • Screech
    • Sword Dance
  • Miraidon (Sp.Atk, HP)
    • Metal Sound
    • Charge
    • Electro Drift
    • Dragon Pulse
  • Azumarill (Atk, Spd)
    • Belly Drum
    • Liquidation
    • Play Rough
    • Helping Hand
    • Tail Whip (Support)
  • Iron Hands (Atk, HP)
    • Belly Drum
    • Drain Punch
    • Thunderpunch
    • Close Combat
  • Gholdengo (Sp.Atk, HP)
    • Hex
    • Nasty Plot
    • Metal Sound
    • Recover
  • Iron Valiant (Atk, HP)
    • Light Screen
    • Reflect
    • Spirit Break
    • Drain Punch

6 Star Tera Ditto Strategy

The tactic changes if ever the party goes against a 6 Star Tera Ditto as the host should enter the fight with another Ditto. This way, the Tera Ditto will use its Transform on the Host Ditto, which just turns it back into a Ditto. The host can then use Transform on any of the teammates to turn into that Pokémon and continue fighting as usual.

This strategy prevents the Tera Ditto from turning into any other Pokémon aside from Ditto which can potentially make the fight harder as it will have access to the host Pokémon’s move set.

6 Star Tera Raid Rewards

The rewards from a 6 Star Tera Raid is worth the effort for most of the time. Not only do you get rare items such as Ability Patches, Ability Capsules, Gold and Silver Bottle Caps, and the five Herba Mysticas, all Tera Pokémon that you get from this raid will be guaranteed to have 5 perfect stats out of its 6 stats. Which is why trainers who are big on competing in PvP tournaments should not miss out on getting into these Tera Raids, most especially those 5 stat IV Dittos which would make breeding for perfect stats a lot easier.

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