High On Life Boss Guide: How to Beat 9-Torg

High On Life 9-Torg cover

9-Torg is the first boss fight that players will have to face in High On Life. She’s just one of the Torg clones that are fighting for dominance and territory over the slums. As a ganglord, she also has her ant lackeys patrolling the slums.

In this guide, we will be talking about strategies on how to defeat 9-Torg in High On Life.

How to Beat 9-Torg in High On Life?

9-Torg is an agile opponent that can jump really high and can also swim underneath the sludge. She can only deal ranged damage with her laser arm, so she will almost always be at a distance. Listed below are her attacks and how to evade or counter them.

9-Torg Moves:

  • Split Shot – 9-Torg shoots out three to five projectiles at your direction. She can string this attack two to three times. Use the crates as cover or you can position yourself in between the shots.
  • Laser Beam – She dives into the sludge and jumps out of it, shooting out a beam from side to side. She will also take out a part of the platform every time she jumps out, making the fighting area smaller. Time your jump as the beam passes by to avoid getting hit. On higher difficulties, she can switch her swing to a horizontal one.
  • Sludge Flood – She dives into the sludge and raises the sludge level high enough to engulf the platform. Use Knifey to tether on to the hookbugs, then keep on swinging from one bug to another until the sludge goes back down.
  • Charged Shot – 9-Torg charges up a shot, releasing an orb that deals AoE damage upon impact. Once you see her charging, quickly strafe to one side or bring out Knifey to deflect the shot.
  • Spinning Beam – Once 9-Torg’s health is at zero, she will do one desperate attack by shooting a huge laser beam while spinning around faster and faster. All you need to do is to swing on the hookbugs again until she falls down.

9-Torg Strategies:

  • Since you only have Kenny and Knifey at this point, we won’t have much options to play with. But if you have gotten the hang of doing the Glob Shot juggle, it’s one effective way of dealing a large amount of damage to her.
  • One she’s thrown down from the blast of he Glob Shot, try to approach her to get a good stab from Knifey.
  • If she’s up high and in the middle of a Laser Beam attack, you can try to land a Glob Shot at her to bring her down to the ground or juggle her in the air.

Once the fight is over, you’ll receive the First Bounty Down achievement. You’ll also have the chance to fight the secret boss right after.

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