High On Life Yellow Power Boxes – How to Disable Electrical Boxes

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If you’ve been around the alien environments in High On Life, you may notice what seems to be yellow power boxes with a square hole in the center. These will seem odd as you won’t know how to properly disable them no matter where you look, but don’t fret. This guide will show you how to disable these yellow power boxes in High On Life, so read on.

How to Disable Yellow Power Boxes in High On Life?

You must fire Creature at the square hole of the yellow power boxes in order to disable them in High On Life. After Creature fires his own children into the power box, they will disable it from the inside for you.

Despite encountering many yellow power boxes early in High On Life, you’re only able to acquire Creature about halfway into the game. You’ll receive this Gatlian as part of your arsenal during your hunt for the Skrendel Brothers on Zephyr Paradise. He will be trapped in the lab with plenty of forcefield bubbles where you’ll quickly find out how to use him.

Creature High on Life Yellow Power Boxes

Creature acts like a living grenade launcher. Due to bizarre alien biology, he’s a Gatlian that launches his own children as live grenades that can weaken enemies or mind control them to your side. However, his children can also disable those yellow power boxes that keep up walls, shields, and other structures.

Once you shoot one of Creature’s kids into those holes, they’ll automatically disable it for you. They’re even capable of traversing short distances to ensure the few seconds they’re alive aren’t a waste.

You will occasionally be using Creature to solve puzzles along the way. Unfortunately it kind of means you’ll have to progress through the game before you’re able to get him. If you’re curious about the other Gatlians, our All High On Life Guns and How to Get Them is the guide you’re looking for.

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That’s our High on Life Yellow Power Boxes guide. We hope this helped you solve some of the puzzles in the game. For more High on Life content, here are some related articles:

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