Is Tim Robinson on High On Life?

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You may think you’ve heard Tim Robinson after hearing someone speak in High On Life. This comedian may have been someone you heard of before, which is probably why one of the characters sounds so familiar. Let’s talk about Tim Robinson’s role in High On Life.

Is Tim Robinson on High On Life?

Yes, Tim Robinson plays a role in High On Life as a talking gun called Creature. You will hear him provide commentary during action and certain scenes throughout the game.

This is probably one of the strangest roles Tim Robinson has taken. Creature is a talking gun from a race called Gatlians who can use his own children as live ammunition to weaken and mind control foes. Although maybe not too far out of his element considering he did the voice for Ugly Sonic in the new Chip & Dale movie and even had a role in the new Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm Adult Swim movie.

This isn’t the first time Tim Robinson starred in one of Justin Roiland’s works. He also provided the voice for Peter in Solar Opposites where he was a talking mutated pig who accuses the titular characters of torturing him for his meat.

In High On Life, Tim plays a more friendlier character. Creature, despite firing his own live children to weaken and mind control enemies, is eager to please. Despite the notion of using his own kids as live ammunition, you’ll quickly find that Creature is one of the easiest to get along with who always seems to be on your side.

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We hope this answers Tim Robinson’s role in High On Life. You may be interested in watching his Netflix show I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson if you want to see more of him. In the meantime, here are some High On Life related content:

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