Can’t Escape the Pit Bug Solution High On Life

High On Life Escape the Pit cover

Escape the Pit is an objective during the Bounty: Krubis mission in High On Life. This objective comes after the defeat of Krubis and also serves as a tutorial on how to use Gus’ abilities, such as the disc launch and the vacuum. It should be an easy escape to pull off; however, this particular objective seems to have been a problematic one due to a bug that prevents players from actually escaping.

In this guide, we’ll go through how to complete the Escape the Pit objective, and share some tips on how to get around the bug.

How to Complete the Escape the Pit Objective

Once you defeat Krubis, you’ll be able to obtain Gus as your new Gatlian weapon. You’ll then learn how to use his abilities that will help you escape the pit.

The first ability is the disc launch. Fire a disc to a hot wall, then use Knifey to tether to it so that you can climb over to the next hall. After defeating a few enemies, you’ll encounter another goon on the other side of an acid pool. Instead of shooting a disc on the hot wall above it, Gus wants you to use his vacuum to suck the goon closer to you before shooting it.

After doing so, you can then launch a disc and climb up the wall where you’ll meet Quentin the Grentin once more. There is a panel to the left that is deactivated until Quentin is killed. Just shooting Quentin will not work as he can just teleport out of the way. Instead, you need to vacuum him closer, then shoot him. The panel should then work and a zipline will then be shot out for your escape.

Escape the Pit Bugs

There have been reports from players getting stuck during the last part of the escape because of these two reasons:

  • The laser beams near the panel stay up despite killing Quentin.
  • Quentin does not show up.

For the issue with the lasers, you can simply reload to the last checkpoint to make them disappear. The checkpoint should bring you back to the moment Krubis dies, which should be the trigger for the lasers to go down.

As for Quentin not showing up, it appears to be triggered if you die by falling into the acid before killing Quentin as he spawns in. This reloads Quentin’s model and somehow spawns him above the cave that you’re in, and probably due to model’s limited pathfinding, he’s unable to make his way back into the cave as he gets stuck somewhere, essentially soft-locking the game.

Reloading the checkpoint can potentially fix this issue and help Quentin respawn properly; falling into the acid can also help. There have been players who have resorted into getting mods that allow them to jump high enough to clear the acid lake, though this usually just works on PC and requires third-party software. If all else fails, starting over with a new game is a last resort.

For now, there hasn’t been any patch nor update rolled out that would help fix this issue completely.

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