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Dr. Giblets is one of the bosses of G3 in High On Life. Because of his hermit-like personality, not a lot knows where he can be found. “Thankfully”, Suit-O provides some extra “help” in locating where Dr. Giblets is hiding.

Read ahead to find out how to find Dr. Giblets in High On Life.

How to locate Dr. Giblets

To find Dr. Giblets, start by accepting his bounty on the bounty board after defeating three or four bosses. Then follow the next steps below:

Step 1: Search Blim City for a lead by talking to the residents

Go out into Blim City and talk to some of the residents. The particular one that you need to talk to is the guy standing next to Blorto’s. He’ll then tell you to tell Blorto that Michael Taint said Blorto knows something.

Step 2: Talk to Blorto

Talk to Blorto next and he will tell you to go check the High on Life store in the Slums.

Step 3: Head to the Slums and go to High on Life

Make your way back to the Slums and fight the goons that stand in your way. Follow the mission marker to the west of the sewer entrance and you’ll eventually end up at High on Life.

Step 4: Investigate High on Life

Go inside the store and talk to the manager behind the counter. Choose the option to get info about Dr. Giblets, and then push once more with another question. He’ll get angry and as you get out of the store, you’ll be blocked momentarily by the Suits who then warp out after a few moments.

Step 5: Find a Way Out of High on Life

Make your way through the customers as you head to the exit and you’ll see a corpse on the ground. Grab the corpse’s Mag-Boots and you can then walk on metallic walls. Tether to the wall on the left to reach the short cut, then just follow the marker until you reach the portal that leads you back home.

Step 6: Talk to the Suits and go to Clugg’s office

You’ll meet up with the Suits again inside your living room. After the short conversation, head back into the portal to get into Clugg’s office.

Step 7: Talk to Clugg and acquire the map data

Complete the conversation with Clugg then take the map data on his desk. Head back home, then you can check now access the portal to the Deep Jungle under Zephyr Paradise.

Step 8: Find Dr. Giblets on Zephyr

Once you’re in the Deep Jungle, follow the marker and it will lead you through the Furgle Warren, Mine Outskirts, until you reach Dr. Giblet’s Base.

Step 9: Investigate Dr. Giblet’s Base

You’ll be prompted by Suit-O to scan the bodies and points of interests inside the base to get more clues. Once you reach the section of the base with the locked door (the one that Suit-O hacks to open), take the time to gather the two Dr. Gurgula clues that are in the area. You’ll also see Lezduit in another room that you cannot access for now.

Step 10: Take out Dr. Giblets and retrieve his DNA

Once you completely scan all the bodies on the upper floor of the base, the metal gate will open, revealing Dr. Giblets inside. As you approach him, he’ll fall to his death and all you need to do is to use Knifey to get a sample of his DNA for the bounty.

It’s not over yet as you’ll fall into Dr. Giblets’ kill chamber where he’ll send waves of enemies at you. Clear them all out and Dr. Giblets’ recording will eventually give up and let you go, allowing you to head back home and turn in the bounty.

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