High On Life Obstacle Course Guide

Don't forget to dash.

High On Life Obstacle Course cover

The Obstacle Course is a section in the Douglas Bounty mission of High On Life where players enlist themselves as part of the G3 in order to infiltrate the cartel and get closer to Douglas. The obstacle course is just part of the recruitment process of becoming a G3 goon and it just involves a bit of platforming on top of electrified floors.

In this guide, we will talk about how to get through the obstacle course in High On Life.

How to Complete the Obstacle Course?

After completing the G3 orientation and battlefield training, Douglas will then send you to the obstacle course. You’ll then get to see the course with its electrified floors. There’s not time limit so you can take it slow, and there are some safe spots where you can stand without getting electrocuted. If you do get electrocuted, it just acts as regular damage that chips off of your armor first.

The electrified floors go off in pulses and are easily telegraphed by the blue sparks that show up first before it gets fully electrified with the pink arcs. Time your jumps to go over these floors to clear them. The long platforms have moving patterns so take a few seconds to find the pattern and pay attention to it as you cross. There’s also some tethering action that you’ll need to do in some parts of this course.

The final stretch is a long platform that has electricity running along the path you need to take. It moves slightly faster than the speed you can run, but it’s not impossible to clear. The platform then ends at a jump to the end point, but the gap between the platform and the ledge is too far for a regular jump even with a good sprint. Which is why you should remember to dash (L stick + B or LCtrl) midair so that you can clear the gap.

Once you’re successful with the obstacle course, you’ll end up in a hall where Douglas tells you to wait an hour. If you don’t really care about seeing the additional dialogue after the hour has passed, you can simply go to the hole on the side of the room and make it to the next section to escape the training center.

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