How to Find Cutie Town in High On Life

Cutie Town in High On Life is a miniature town that’s filled with friendly denizens who seem to have life all figured out. In fact, one of them looks keen in inviting you for a closer look. Surely nothing could go wrong, right?

Read this guide to find out how to get to Cutie Town in High On Life so you can say hello.

How to Get to Cutie Town in High On Life?

To get to Cutie Town in High On Life, purchase the Cutie Town warp disc from Blorto’s Shop in Blim City. This warp disc will not cost you any warp crystals. Then go to any warp point and use the warp disc to summon Cutie Town to your location.

It should be noted that you’re only able to do this after you’ve gotten the warp tool in Zephyr Paradise. Gene will mention for you to check out Blorto’s Shop which you can find smackdab in the middle of Blim City. He will sell you warp discs in exchange for warp crystals you’ve collected.

Once you have the Cutie Town warp disc, you simply have to find any warp point and then interact with it to pull up your warp tool. Pick the Cutie Town warp disc and you’ll summon the location to your area. Our How to Use Warp Discs in High On Life guide will teach you how to do this.

Blorto's Shop Cutie Town in High on Life

Now that you’ve found Cutie Town in High On Life, you have some pretty twisted interactions with the whole town. Who could’ve thought that a giant walking around what’s basically smurfs could be so disastrous?

Where to Use the Cutie Town Warp Disc?

You can operate any warp point location to use the Cutie Town warp disc. However the easiest one to find is in the Outskirts where you can find two warp point locations just beyond the crashed alien spaceship. You’ll know it’s a warp point because it has lights cascading to the top from the floor.

Another location is in the Upper Valley in Zephyr Paradise which has a warp point behind the teleported on top of the cliff. It’s one of the faster ways to get to it, however you will need Knifey to climb up there. Just go through the cave past the highway road on the river.

Warp Point Cutie Town in High on Life

Once you’ve found a warp point, you are now able to access Cutie Town.

What can you do in Cutie Town?

You can cause havoc in Cutie Town simply by walking around. Cutie Hubbie will be forced to watch in horror as all his friends and loved ones die. Of course you can also be merciful and just walk away.

The moment you step into Cutie Town, a floating small alien called Cutie Hubbie will welcome you. While he bids you to come closer, you can already tell it isn’t a good idea. Though he’ll get depressed if you simply just leave. He’ll definitely become suicidal if you manage to destroy his entire town.

Cutie Town in High on Life

That’s how to find Cutie Town in High On Life. We hope you spared those poor souls from being trampled by a giant. Here are more High On Life content to check out:

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