Scorned Magnamalo Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Guide

Scorned Magnamalo Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Guide

Scorned Magnamalo is a fanged wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and a superior variant of the Magnamalo. It looks almost demonic with long appendages constantly burning Hellfire. Bear witness to this manifestation of relentless evil in the form of a wyvern.

In this guide, we will talk about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s Scorned Magnamalo and share some tips on how to survive and succeed in its hunts.

Scorned Magnamalo Characteristics

Scorned Magnamalo has a body structure similar to a large demonic cheetah. It has long blades sticking out the sides of its frontal legs. And its sharp tail swinging behind its back. Both appendages are constantly burning Hellfire. The Scorned Magnamalo looks quite similar to its weaker Magnamalo variant, except it is missing an eye and one of its horns are broken.

These wyvern variants are more aggressive predators and will attack hunters upon getting too close. The Scorned Magnamalo can utilize the Hellfire its body radiates in a variety of ways to burn hunters in its path. They have harder armor plating that protects them from attacks.

When Scorned Magnamalo become enraged, their blades radiate more and their cortex become more spiky. During this state, it will gain more elemental attacks substantially making it more dangerous.

Scorned Magnamalo

Scorned Magnamalo Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Head, Forehead, Armblade
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Water, Thunder, Ice
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Fire, Dragon
  • Resistant Points – Upper Half, Bottom Half

The Scorned Magnamalo weaknesses usually come from the front. This will put players at constant risk of being hit by one of its moves. Hunters are advised to bring Water elemental weapons as the Scorned Magnamalo is weak towards that element the most.

When hunting the Scorned Magnamalo, you’re best weapons are Great Swords, Hammer, Light Bowguns, and Heavy Bowguns. Weak points take more damage from these weapons. You should still go with a weapon you’re comfortable with as you’ll need a lot of mobility to dodge the Scorned Magnamalo’s attacks.

Despite most of the weak points the Scorned Magnamalo has is from the front, it’s hind legs do take additional damage from water elements. Making Water based weapons more effective against this large monster. It’s also more easily Stunned and afflicted with Thunderblight than any other ailments.

Scorned Magnamalo Moves

The Scorned Magnamalo is a fast striking wyvern. With those long blades on its frontal legs and sharp tail, it’s capable of attacking from any side. Watch out for when it enters Rage mode.

  • Chopping Tailblade: Strikes its tail forward towards a target and unto the ground. The Scorned Magnamalo will get stuck for a short moment.
  • Exploding Tail: It jumps forward striking with its tail and making the tip explode.
  • Ground Stab: It stabs a target behind it, penetrating the ground.
  • Scorned Cannon: The Scorned Magnamalo circles its tail, gathers energy, and fires an elemental ray several times.
  • Ruthless Cannon: It circles its tail with red energy and then shoots with a high rate-of-fire at its target.
  • Frenzy: The Scorned Magnamalo roars wildly emitting pink Hellfire then charges forward striking any in its path. It will jump and then land causing an explosion upon contact with the ground.
  • Sliding Charge: It will lift its arm then charges forward slicing whatever targets in its path.
  • Spinning Slash: Spins aggressively, its armblades striking anything caught within radius.
  • Explosive Swipe: It will charge its tail and strike forward, spinning and creating three orbs that will explode.
  • Mane Blast: When the Scorned Magnamalo is enrage, its mane will make a blast to the sides which will knock back targets.
  • Sismic Blast: Gathers energy in its arm and touches the ground, causing a big explosion.

How to Beat Scorned Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • Scorned Magnamalo are easily distracted by other monsters in the area. Use them as much as you can. It is not as effective against fighting other monsters, and if you happen to see a Rajang nearby, they will engage.
  • When enraged, stay close to the Scorned Magnamalo as it has a tendency of firing fatal rays that are harder to dodge at long distances.
  • The Scorned Magnamalo’s melee attacks aren’t as dangerous as its Hellfire rays. But keep a lookout on its tail regardless as it is one of its primary weapons.
  • Once the Scorned Magnamalo enters Frenzy and starts roaring, you should leave the area until it has passed.
  • Go for Stun ailments. Blunt weapons or Exhaust ammunition will help you here. The Scorned Magnamalo is more easily stunned than any other ailment. You can inflict Thunderblight to increase your chances of doing so.
  • Hammer strikes to its head can more easily Stun the Scorned Magnamalo.
Scorned Magnamalo Phases

There are two stages to the Scorned Magnamalo fight:

  • Normal Mode – Scorned Magnamalo’s usual phase.
  • Rage Mode – Scorned Magnamalo’s more powerful phase.

Normal Mode – Scorned Magnamalo Usual Phase

When you first encounter the Scorned Magnamalo, it’s in its usual phase. Still dangerous, but it won’t have the elemental attacks that are fatal unless you’re not wearing sufficient armor. Just remember that its attacks are infused with Hellfire. Use this phase to figure out its attack patterns.

Rage Mode – Scorned Magnamalo’s More Powerful Phase

Further into the hunt, the Scorned Magnamalo will begin to glow more radiant. This is your clue that it has entered it Rage mode. It seems to enter this phase once it takes sufficient enough damage.

Once the Scorned Magnamalo enters Rage mode, it gains more elemental attacks. It will also begin to spew out beams that will be lethal even with good armor. Beware when engaging the Scorned Magnamalo in this phase.

Scorned Magnamalo Drops

  • Begrudged Rancorscale
  • Magna Armored Cortex
  • Surging Armblade
  • Moaning Bladeshell
  • Magnamalo Tail +
  • Magna Barrierprism
  • Magna Glare Eye
  • Horn of Malice
  • Large Wyvern Tear

Scorned Magnamalo Armor

The Scorned Magnamalo armor is called the “Sinister Grudge” set which is a Rarity 10 Master Rank armor set with 620 Defense.

The Scorned Magnamalo “Sinister Grudge” set can be crafted with:

  • 120,000 zenny
  • Horn of Malice x2
  • Magna Armored Cortex x11
  • Begrudged Rancorscale x9
  • Magna Glare Eye x1
  • Moaning Bladeshell x3
  • Magna Barrierprism x4
  • Ibushi Hardhorn x2
  • Surging Armblade x5
  • Large Elder Dragon Gem x1
  • Magnamalo Tail + x1
  • Glittering Shell x3
  • Narwa Hardclaw x2

Sinister Grudge Set Skills

  • Sinister Grudge Helm
    • Hellfire Cloak Lv2
    • Coalescence Lv2
    • Redirection Lv1
  • Sinister Grudge Garb
    • Mail of Hellfire Lv1
    • Wirebug Whisperer Lv2
  • Sinister Grudge Gauntlets
    • Mail of Hellfire Lv1
    • Counterstrike Lv1
    • Redirection Lv1
  • Sinister Grudge Tassets
    • Mail of Hellfire Lv1
    • Coalescence Lv1
  • Sinister Grudge Greaves
    • Mail of Hellfire Lv2
    • Counterstrike Lv2
    • Wirebug Whisperer Lv1

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