Star Ocean The Divine Force: The Undelivered Quest Guide

A really awkward delivery mission


The Undelivered is a side quest in Star Ocean: The Divine Force that can be found in the Merchant Vessel, the Aldous. Read on, and this guide will teach players how to complete this request efficiently and what rewards await them.

How to Start The Undelivered Side Quest

How To Start The Undelivered Side Quest -  Star Ocean The Divine Force

To start this quest, head over to the Merchant Vessel, The Aldous, and look for the Considerate Crewmate. Talk to her, and she will then ask players to deliver a container for Vyr. Accept the request and the side quest will begin.

How to Complete The Undelivered Quest

How To Complete The Undelivered Quest - Star Ocean The Divine Force

To complete this request, travel to the Royal Capital Castle and look for Lola. But note as you deliver the package to Lola, she will refuse it. Afterward, return to the Aldous and talk to the considerate crewmate and the quest will be somewhat completed.

The Undelivered Side Quest Rewards

Once the quest is completed, players will receive the following rewards that can be beneficial for their future endeavors in Star Ocean The Divine Force as they progress further in the game:

  • 17600 Fol

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