What Happens if You Wait an Hour in High on Life?

High On Life Douglas On Hour cover

There is a section in High On Life where Douglas makes players wait for an hour as part of the G3 recruitment process. With all the crazy stuff that has been added in the game when it comes to the players’ interaction with the game itself, it’s not so farfetched to think that something will happen after one does wait the entire hour.

As you enter the G3 Orientation room, Douglas will appear on the big screen and tells you to wait for an hour to find out what the next exercise is. You don’t really have to wait an hour to progress into the story as there is a hole on the right wall that leads to the pipes and to Dr. Joopy.

What happens after an hour?

If you wish to wait for one hour, you’re free to do so. Aside from the small talks that your weapons will do while waiting, Douglas will also check in on you every 15 minutes. Once the hour is up, Douglas will then lift up the screen to reveal the next path, but it gets stuck. Douglas will appear on the screen again saying that they’ll call in someone to fix the screen and you’ll have to wait for a week before the screen gets fixed.

So far, we have yet to see what will happen if we actually wait for a week, but if you defeat Douglas and revisit the location, you’ll find that the screen has been fixed and lifted, revealing what’s really behind it. It turns out it was just an empty room with no hallways nor doors that lead to somewhere. There’s also no achievement for waiting the full hour either.

So if you’re really curious to know what Douglas says without waiting a full hour yourself, you can check out Manugames92‘s video on the entire scene:

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