High On Life DLC: Everything We Know So Far

Are there more adventures for our bounty hunter in High On Life?

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Even after finishing the main story, players are still hungry for more. What better way than to look forward to a potential High On Life DLC that may be coming soon. If you’re also looking forward to more adventures with the Gatlians, then here’s everything you need to know about a potential DLC for High On Life.

Be warned of spoilers for High On Life, since most of facts pointing towards any DLC content takes place near and during the end of the game.

Is High On Life getting DLC?

There is no confirmation for any DLC being added for High On Life at the time of this writing. Although the ending and certain parts does leave it open for a potential DLC to be added in the future.

The High On Life DLC actually gets teased several times in the game. After you activate Detective Mode to look for Dr. Giblets, Kenny tells that he if you can’t shut Detective Mode off then the both of you will look for whoever made it and pay him every peso you’ve ever earned to do so. Kenny does this again after defeating Garmantous by mentioning that the team sticks together in any future upcoming DLC.

High on Life DLC Dr. Gurgula

It’s worth noting that the High On Life DLC might be related to the secret ending. After finding Dr. Gurgula in the Human Haven facility, Kenny comments on a potential sequel. However depending on the size that Squanch Games is planning it may be added as a DLC sometime in the future.

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Although there is no confirmation just yet, the Executive Producer, Matt Studivan, did reveal that his team thought of a potential DLC even before the game’s release on December 13, 2022. So there’s a strong argument that we may see a follow up to our bounty hunting adventures which spans beyond the G3 cartel.

High on Life DLC Gene

What could the High On Life DLC be about?

Considering the strange alien environments of High On Life, there’s potentially a lot of things that Squanch Games could center the DLC on. We could see more bounty hunting targets considering that game’s traversal relies on the Bounty 5000 to go anywhere.

The High On Life DLC may also shed some light regarding Dr. Gurgula who the bounty hunter caught experimenting on the humans you’ve saved. There’s also those two detectives who are the son’s of Mayor Clugg who now claim to be on your side. Oh, and Gene also claims to have a self destruct installed in your bounty suit. There’s a lot to unpack here that could be touched in any potential High On Life DLC. I mean, it could even be about your sister.

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That’s everything we know about the High On Life DLC. We hope this helped you look forward to any potential adventures in the future for this game. Here are some more High On Life related content:

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