High On Life Boss Guide: How to Beat Krubis 

High on Life Krubis cover

Krubis is the second boss that players will have to face in High On Life. This boss runs the mining company and have fitted drills on his head and limbs, giving him mobility underground.

In this guide, we will be talking about strategies on how to defeat Krubis in High On Life.

How to Beat Krubis in High On Life?

Krubis has the ability to go underground with the help of its drills, and he can also hover above ground, giving him a vertical advantage within the fight. Most of his attacks will be projectiles, unless you get close enough for a melee hit. He will also call on his goons in the middle of the fight. Listed below are his attacks and how to evade or counter them.

Krubis Moves:

  • Buckshot – Krubis fires his shotgun at you multiple times. He can do it while hovering or halfway buried in the ground. Strafe to the side to avoid the bullets.
  • Disc shot – He fires his disc at you which will ricochet when it hits a wall. Depending on how far you are from him, you can strafe to the side or use Knifey to deflect the disc back to him.
  • Drill Frenzy – He disappears and lasers will start appearing all around the fighting arena. These lasers show where he will be passing through as he busts out from the rocks above. Use the hookbugs to swing your way away from the lasers and out of danger.
  • Goons – He will call out his goons to fight for him as he waits in a glass room. Kill all of the goons in order to resume the fight.

Krubis Strategies:

  • Although Krubis cannot be juggled, hitting him with a Glob Shot is still an effective way to stagger him, especially if he’s hovering. You’ll have enough time to sneak in a Knifey stab which will take a good chunk of his health.
  • Depending on how good you are at using Knifey, you can deflect the discs more than one time towards Krubis.

Once the fight is over, you’ll receive the Cold-Blooded Driller achievement. You’ll also get Gus as a new gun and the Satisfied Gus-tomer achievement for it.

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