Lost Ark Engraving System – How It Works

A guide on how the Engraving System works in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Engraving Effect

Engravings in Lost Ark are another upgrade system available in the game that lets players further enhance specific stats of their character to fit their playstyle. There are different kinds of engravings, with plenty more to choose from each category. Investing in these engravings becomes vital once players hit endgame to be able to keep up with the challenges ahead.

In this guide, we will look into the engraving system and learn how to make the most out of it for your character.

What are Engravings in Lost Ark?

Engravings give different kinds of effects that help boost certain aspects of your character in Lost Ark. Most of them give buffs and bonuses right away or when certain conditions are met, while some offer other utilities. These engravings can be improved further to gain a higher effect and they are also split into combat bonuses and class bonuses.

What are Engravings in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Combat Bonuses Engravings Complete List

Combat Bonuses provide different kinds of bonuses and are roster-wide, which means that all your characters within your server’s roster will be able to use the same engravings that have been unlocked or improved on. There are currently 43 combat bonus engravings in total:

  • Adrenaline – After using a skill, gain Attack Power and Crit Rate bonus
  • All-Out Attack – +Holding and Casting speed, +Damage
  • Awakening – Lower awakening skill cooldown, +1 maximum use
  • Barricade – +Damage to foes while shielded
  • Broken Bone – +Damage to staggered foes
  • Contender – +Attack Power after killing a foe
  • Crisis Evasion – When receiving fatal damage, become invincible. 50% of damage during that period will be gained as HP
  • Crushing Fist – On successful counter attack, +Attack Power, Foe will get bonus damage for 3s from all sources
  • Cursed Doll – +Attack Power, + Healing
  • Disrespect – +Damage to foes with <30% HP
  • Divine Protection – Chance of getting damage reduction buff
  • Drops of Ether – Chance of creating ether from attacks
  • Emergency Rescue – Gain shield when HP goes <30%, Gains remaining shield as HP if unbroken
  • Enhanced Shield – Gain immunity to all debuffs, -90% Shield HP and Defensive Stance
  • Ether Predator – Gain ether from attacks, Stacking +Attack Power and Defense per ether collected
  • Expert – +Shield and Healing Effectiveness, +Effectiveness it Party Member is <50% HP
  • Explosive Expert – +Bomb/Grenade Battle Item carrying limit
  • Fortitude – Incoming damage reduced proportional to HP lost
  • Grudge – +Damage to Boss, +Incoming Damage
  • Heavy Armor – +All Defense
  • Hit Master – +Damage to strikes other than Front/Back
  • Increase Mass – -Attack Speed, +Attack Power
  • Max MP Increase – +Max MP
  • Keen Blunt Weapon – +Crit Damage, Chance to deal -% Damage
  • Lightning Fury – Change of generating lightning orbs, orbs explode upon having 5 stacks
  • Magick Stream – +MP recovery that stacks, -Cooldown on max stack
  • Master Brawler – +Head Attack Damage
  • Master of Ambush – +Back Attack Damage
  • Master of Escape – -Stand Up Action Cooldown
  • Master’s Tenacity – +Damage on <50% HP
  • MP Efficiency Increase – +MP Recovery, +Damage when MP is at <50%
  • Necromancy – Attacks summon temporary soldiers
  • Precise Dagger – +Crit Rate, -Crit Damage
  • Preemptive Strike – On attacking lower monsters with full HP, guaranteed crit
  • Propulsion – After using Movement Skill, +Skill Damage
  • Raid Captain – +Outgoing Damage of basic Move Speed bonus percentage
  • Shield Piercing – +Damage to Shields
  • Sight Focus – +Damage when “!!!!!” is outputted in normal chat
  • Spirit Absorption – +Attack Damage, +Move Speed
  • Stabilized Status – +Damage when >80% HP
  • Strong Will  – -Incoming Damage while pushed
  • Super Charge – -Skill Charging Speed, +Damage
  • Vital Point Hit – +Stagger Attack Effectiveness 

Lost Ark Class Bonus Engravings Complete List

Class Bonuses Engravings are class specific and currently there are two available bonuses per advanced class. Though these are exclusive to each class, characters that have the same class within the same roster can still share the engravings.

  • Berserker
    • Mayhem
    • Berserker Technique
  • Paladin
    • Judgment
    • Blessed Aura
  • Gunlancer
    • Combat Readiness
    • Lone Knight
  • Bard
    • True Courage
    • Desperate Salvation
  • Sorceress
    • Igniter
    • Reflux
  • Wardancer
    • Esoteric Skill Enhancement
    • First Intention
  • Scrapper
    • Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu
    • Shock Training
  • Striker
    • Deathblow
    • Esoteric Flurry
  • Soulfist
    • Energy Overflow
    • Robust Spirit
  • Deathblade
    • Remaining Energy
    • Surge
  • Shadowhunter
    • Perfect Suppression
    • Demonic Impulse
  • Sharpshooter
    • Loyal Companion
    • Death Strike
  • Deadeye
    • Enhanced Weapon
    • Pistoleer
  • Artillerist
    • Firepower
    • Barrage
  • Gunslinger
    • Peacemaker
    • Time to Hunt

How to Use Engravings in Lost Ark

You can use engravings in Lost Ark by meeting the Power Node requirement to activate it. Power Nodes can be found on certain accessories, ability stones, and on the respective engraving effect bonuses that you have learned.

Each engraving has three tiers that require at least five nodes to activate per tier. Equipping the accessories, ability stones, and effect bonuses that have power nodes under the same engraving effect will help you unlock the higher tiers of that effect.

How to Use Engravings in Lost Ark

Engraving Effects from Accessories

Once you have reached item level 302, you can wear accessories that include effect bonuses. These accessories can be obtained as rewards from doing Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids, or they can also be exchanged with shards that you get from these dungeons.

These accessories will have randomized engraving effects on them and depending on the rarity, you can get two or more effects or even effects at a higher level. Do take note that accessories will also have negative effects on them.

Both positive effects and negative effects cannot be changed on an accessory, so to mitigate the negative effects, you will have to find another accessory with the effects that you want, but one that does not add a node to the negative effect that you want to avoid.

Engraving Effects from Accessories - Lost Ark

Engraving Effects from Ability Stones

Ability Stones are another source of engraving effects. These stones have to undergo a mechanic called faceting in which the stone’s inherent effects can be amplified.

These stones can also be obtained from Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, or Abyssal Dungeons. Though these stones cannot be equipped while it is still unfaceted, you can already see what kinds of effects the stone has. Similar to accessories, ability stones also have negative effects.

Faceting Ability Stones

Faceting ability stones in Lost Ark can be considered as a mini-game where you do “cuts” on the stone to amplify the effect. You can go to an Ability Stone Cutter NPC in any major city to do so. Every cut is not a guaranteed success; the maximum success rate per attempt is 75%.

If a cut is successful, you will add a node on that selected effect, and the next attempt’s success rate goes down by 10%. Otherwise, the node slot on the effect will be wasted, but the next attempt’s success rate will go up by 10% (max 75%).

There are only limited attempt slots per stone, which increase as its quality goes up. Once all the slots have been used, including the negative slots, the stone will be considered as fully faceted and can then be equipped. All the successful nodes will then add up to your engraving effects once the stone is equipped.

The basic strategy for faceting is to make the cut towards the effect that you want while the success rate is high, and then make the cut on the negative effect once the rate is low. Here’s a general guide:

  • 75% – Most wanted positive effect
  • 55%-65% – Second positive effect
  • <45% – Negative effect

You can opt to follow that guide or follow your own guts when faceting – it is a game of chance, after all.

Faceting Ability Stones - Lost Ark

Learning Engraving Effects in Lost Ark

You can also learn Engraving Effects from books, or “recipes”, as how it’s known in the game. You can get these recipes from engraving pouches (combat bonuses) or from engraving chests (class bonuses). On the other hand, these pouches and chests are usually given as quest rewards form main and side quests, as well as from doing the dungeons.

Each Engraving Effect requires you to read 20 copies per tier, starting from Uncommon to Legendary. Each completed tier will give you more nodes for the effect:

  • Uncommon – 3 nodes
  • Rare – 6 nodes
  • Epic – 9 nodes
  • Legendary – 12 nodes

You have two slots that you can use to equip a learned Engraving Effect (at least Uncommon), in which you can either place two different kinds of effects, or equip the same effect on both slots at the same time, effectively doubling the amount of nodes that you get for a specific effect.

For example: you want to go for the Lightning Fury effect and you currently have it at Rare tier. You can equip it on both slots, giving you a Tier 2 Lightning Fury effect (6 nodes x 2 = 12 nodes; tier 2 reqs. 10 nodes). Alternatively, you can upgrade the effect to Legendary tier, giving you the same effect, but it will only occupy 1 slot.

Learning Engraving Effects in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Engravings Notes and Tips

  • Engraving Recipes can also be bought from the Market (Alt + Y), however it can get pricy since these require Gold and the price of the higher tier recipes quickly shoot up.
  • It is best to focus on one Engraving Effect first and level it up to at least the Rare tier. You can then just equip it twice to get its Tier 2 Effect. As you progress further, you will get more materials to improve your engravings, which will help you branch off to other effects.
  • Ability Stones give bonus Vitality depending on the amount of successful nodes, which is a great source of HP boost.
  • If you deem an Ability Stone or Accessory not useful for your build, dismantle them instead of selling them. You can get materials that can be used to exchange for more stones or materials useful for gear honing.

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