Lost Ark Silver Farm Guide – How to get Silver Fast & Easy

How to farm silver efficiently in Lost Ark.

lost ark silver farm

Silver is Lost Ark‘s main non-premium currency. Farming Silver is a little challenging, although it is not nearly as time-consuming and demanding as farming premium coins.

However, if you know where to farm Silver efficiently, you can amass a large amount of Silver in a short period of time.

What is Silver used for in Lost Ark?

Silver in Lost Ark is used to purchase gear and weapons, as well as to pay important services that improve your character like gear honing and stone faceting.

In this guide, we will look into the different sources of silver, as well as share some tips on how you can easily farm it. You can utilize the strategies listed below to farm large amounts of Silver and purchase items that you require.

How to Get Silver in Lost Ark

You can get silver in Lost Ark by just going through the main story quests and side quests. Completing the story quests alone up until you reach the Rohendel region can reward you around 1,000,000 to 1,200,000 silver.

Other sources of silver in Lost Ark include:

Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are special kinds of dungeons where you have to defeat waves of monsters to purify the area. Some mini-bosses drop some fair amount of silver as they die and you can gain around 10,000-15,000 from the entry level dungeons. Each dungeon run can go for around 5-7 minutes depending on how good your party is.

You can also get lots of gears and accessories which you can sell to a merchant for some more silver, but since their selling value is just low, it’s better to dismantle them instead to get gear upgrading materials. You can also get a Cube Entrance Ticket as a low-chance drop which you can use for the next kind of dungeon.

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon

Cube Dungeon

The Cube is like a gauntlet dungeon where you and your party have to clear several floors of mobs. You will need a Cube Entrance Ticket to enter this dungeon. Each floor gets increasingly difficult and clearing out a floor improves the chest that you get once your team wipes out or if you complete all 20 floors. For every floor that you complete here are the rewards:

  • Floor 0-3: No rewards
  • Floor 4-7: Bronze Cube Chest
  • Floor 8-10: Silver Cube Chest
  • Floor 11-12: Gold Cube Chest
  • Floor 13-15: Platinum Cube Chest
  • Floor 16-19: Diamond Cube Chest

Completing the 20th and final floor will reward you with a Diamond Cube Chest from which you can get up to around 13,000 silver.

Lost Ark Cube

Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange – Guild Crystals

You can exchange your Sylmael Bloodstones for silver through a Sylmael Exchange NPC. You can earn bloodstones by visiting your guild daily and completing guild tasks.

As of this writing, the most efficient exchange rate between bloodstones and silver is at 250 bloodstones to 10,000 silver. To be able to do this exchange, your guild’s Guild Shop Research must first be at level 5. The rest of the exchange rates are as follows:

  • Level 1 – 60 bloodstones : 2,500 silver*
  • Level 2 – 100 bloodstones : 2,500 silver*
  • Level 3 – 140 bloodstones : 2,500 silver*
  • Level 4 – 180 bloodstones : 4,500 silver
  • Level 5 – 250 bloodstones : 10,000 silver

*Level 1 exchange rate is better than the next two levels. Possibly an exchange error that will be patched in the future.

Lost Ark Bloodstone Exchange

Una’s Daily Tasks

Una’s Daily Tasks is also one great source of silver. These quests refresh every day and some quests reward good amounts of silver. You can earn around 14,000 to 28,000 in less than 5 minutes, provided that you have properly set up your route before hand.

There are also weekly tasks that you can accept from Una’s Tasks which can also reward you with more silver.

Lost Ark Una's Daily Tasks

Build Rapport with NPCs

Building rapport with NPCs can earn you a variety of benefits, and rewards you with silver with each level of Rapport earned.

Exchange Gold for Silver

If you are looking for the fastest way to obtain Silver in Lost Ark, there’s no better method than to exchange your Gold for it. As a general rule, the exchange rate is 100 gold for 10,000 silver when trading with the Gold to Silver NPC in any major city.

For those who do not want to spend a lot of time farming for silver, this method is ideal, but not recommended because farming Lost Ark gold is more difficult than farming Silver.

Best Ways to Farm Silver in Lost Ark

Completing Una’s Daily Tasks for Lopang Island is by far one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn silver. To do set up this quick farm, you will need to have at least three Bifrost slots, the Song of Return, and you will have to do the following:

Set up your Bifrost and Song of Return

There are a total of three Bifrost slots that can be used in the game; five all in all if you count the two bonus slots while having the Crystalline Aura. Travel to the Arid Path and Frozen Sea and set your Bifrost Points in each location. Then, reserve the third slot for the room where the delivery terminals are in Lopang Island.

Next, set up your Song of Return by traveling to Vern Castle and registering your return point with the Portal Statue there.

Lost Ark Silver Farm Bifrost Set Up

Complete the Lopang Island Quest

Do the first half of the yellow quests within Lopang Island. The quest is short and you will know that you’ve completed the first part if you reached the point where you have to take an exam. Here are the exam answers:

  • Arthetine
  • Sea of Gienah
  • Customers

Afterwards, you will be able to see new Special Delivery tasks added to the Dailies section in Una’s Tasks (Alt + J).

Lost Ark Lopang Quest Start

Accept the Special Delivery Tasks

Accept the following tasks in Una’s Tasks:

  • Special Delivery: Shushire
  • Special Delivery: Arthetine
  • Special Delivery: Vern

Starting from Lopang Island, go to the northeastern warehouse where the shipping consoles are and interact with them. Set up the last Bifrost slot in here if you haven’t yet.

Lost Ark Lopang Island Warehouse

Lastly, travel to the regions through the Bifrost or the Song of Return. In each stop, make sure to interact with the marked NPC in the area to complete the quest. (If you registered Vern for your Song of Return, use the Triport from Vern Castle to Port Krona to find the NPC.)

This is optional, but if you decide to get all four additional Bifrost slots by purchasing a Crystalline Aura, you can also accept the other Special Delivery quests to expand your route and earn more daily (their shipping consoles are on the opposite side of the island).

Complete the Special Delivery Tasks with Alts (optional)

Since your silver is shared among all characters in your account per server, you can do the tasks through your alternate characters to get a higher silver yield per day. This also applies to the other silver sources such as the Chaos Dungeon.

Lost Ark Lopang Quest

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