How to Make Lezduit Say a Different Line in High On Life

How to make Lezduit say a different line in High on Life featured

You may want to hear Lezduit say a different line in High On Life. Lezduit is a particular Gatlian who unwillingly subscribes to Pokémon speak as Gene utterly messed up his vocal cords in an attempt to save his life. To be fair to Gene, he had to learn to perform surgery on living talking guns by watching videos online so it’s better than it could’ve been.

This guide will help you learn how to make Lezduit say a different line in High On Life.

Beware there will be spoilers below this point!

How to Make Lezduit Say a Different Line?

To make Lezduit say a different line in High On Life, you have to shove one of the Gatlians into Garmantous’ hole at the end of the game. Once he blows up, Lezduit will tell you “we did it” no matter who you chose to sacrifice.

During the end of High On Life, you’re given the choice to sacrifice one of your guns. As the bomb that was planted into Garmantous doesn’t explode, you have to shove a Gatlian up his asshole to trigger it. Although Kenny volunteers, the other guns are feeling much less heroic. We can’t discern how Lezduit feels because he can’t really say anything besides his name.

Thankfully no matter who you chose to sacrifice, they will survive the explosion. Each gun has a different reaction to being shoved into Garmantous. After Garmantous explodes, Lezduit will exclaim “we did it” even if he was shoved in there.

While “we did it” isn’t that much of a different line, it shows that maybe Gus didn’t completely mess up the job when it came to fixing Lezduit. It shows that he still has cognitive awareness of what’s happening. Considering he’s able to say something different, we could see Lezduit recover in a potential DLC or sequel.

Where does Lezduit go after completing High On Life?

Lezduit will completely disappear from your inventory after you kill Garmantous. No one really knows where he goes or even really talks about him.

The gameplay reason could be is that he is overpowered. Considering that he can wipe out battalions of G3 cartel members in a flick of a button that’s understandable. So hearing Lezduit say something different is probably the only time you’ll hear him say anything other than his name.

That’s how to make Lezduit say a different line in High On Life. Although the time you spend together is short, he makes quite the impression for being an incredibly powerful gun. Here are some more High On Life content:

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