Is Stray an Open World Game?

It's a big old world and we're just one tiny little kitty

Stray is absolutely charming game that doesn’t dare wear out its welcome. It features a heartfelt 8-hour story and meticulously made custom animations for the cat alone. But with all that care and dedication put into the cat and its environment, the question remains – is Stray an open world game? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

So, here’s the thing… Stray is not an open world game. There is some exploration involved and there are places that give the impression that you can go to places no one can, but that simply isn’t the case. Stray is an Adventure Platformer game with puzzle elements.

The areas outside of the places where the Companions reside are often broken down into corridors that make it appear like you’re free to explore. Besides the memories that you can obtain for B-12, there are no other things to collect and pick up. Companion requests seldom do not go beyond the area that which they live and there’s no way for you to backtrack and return to a previous settlement once you’ve left the area.

To clarify, many areas in the game are restrictive. You are not able to jump on anything unless you see that button telling you that you can press (X) on it. In fact, you are not able to jump at all. There is a dedicated button for meowing but that’s pretty much the extent of your freedoms. (And turning B-12’s flashlight on and off) On the bright side, you can meow practically whenever you want, even in cutscenes. So, if you want to be annoying to your audience, here’s your chance to do so.

Regardless though, the game’s visuals are stunning for what they are. You may not be able to explore to your heart’s content but what we do have is more than enough.

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