Stray – How to Complete the First Zurk Pursuit Without Being Caught

How to get Can't Cat-ch Me Trophy in Stray

In Stray the first real encounter with the Zurks will be a memorable one, it is the very definition of “You walked into the wrong neighborhood”, as every fiber in the cat’s being was telling to it GTFO… and fast.

Find out how to complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught and get the Stray Can’t Cat-ch Me Trophy. This trophy is rewarded to players who manage to make a clean break from the Zurks without getting any of them stuck on you.

Alone, the Zurks are timid creatures that would rather be left alone to do the job they were created for, that is to consume and multiply. When they move around in large groups, they become a tidal wave that threatens to wash away everything organic they encounter.

How to get the Stray Can’t Cat-ch Me Trophy

One of the things players should watch out for when trying to get the Stray Can’t Cat-ch Me Trophy is that they should keep a bit of distance between them and the Zurks. You can get away with incredibly close calls but if they have their eye on you and you’re really close, they’ll be on you faster than a suction cup sticks to glass.

There is a tell when the Zurks are about the make a jump at you. First, they glow up for a little bit and they throw themselves at you. You can ignore the first part, they aren’t a threat until they start going down. From what we can tell, these guys have the quite the accuracy going down. So, you may want to be watchful of their movements. Speaking of, avoid groups where they first appear on the screen. They are relentless.

Now, if in any case, a Zurk latches onto you, that’s it. Trophy gone. It’s as simple as that. You can reload the checkpoint as many times as you want, there’s no problem there. The segment doesn’t last more than 3-4 minutes long. Makes no sense in restarting a level with a 5-minute build-up.

Complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught and if you manage to keep yourself Zurk-free, the Stray Can’t Cat-ch Me Trophy notification will pop-up the second you hit that ramp leading up to the next chapter.

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