Stray Trophy List – How to Get Platinum

Become a cat god and earn all the trophies in Stray.

Stray Trophy List featured

The Stray trophy list certainly came early. Even before the game’s release date on July 19, players are already given a peek on how to platinum the game. Don’t worry there are no spoilers in trophy titles so you can enjoy your cat life with a fresh view.

Stray Trophy & Achievements List

Stray has a total of 25 trophies to collect. Here is a list of every trophy in Stray arranged from grade:


  • All Done: Unlock all trophies.




Stray Trophy List

Some trophies are interestingly titled and quite centered around cat puns, which many cat lovers will appreciate. Some trophies have contradicting requirements though. Productive Day requires you to sleep for an hour, but the I am Speed trophy requires that you complete the game in two hours.

This most likely means you’ll have to play the game multiple times if you want to platinum it. Although it’s unsure if you have to meow 500 times for the A Little Chatty trophy or jump 500 times for the Cat-a-Pult trophy in one playthrough.

How to Platinum Stray?

You need to earn every other trophy in order to platinum Stray. Once you’ve meowed enough, made enough poor choices, interacted with the world enough, and etc., you’ll get the All Done platinum trophy.

Acquiring platinum will definitely take more than one subsequent playthrough. Some trophies sound rather challenging to get, like the I am Speed and Pacifist trophies. You’ll also be tasked to collect other items such as badges and other collectibles. Think you’re up for the challenge?

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As a fellow cat lover, I’m excited to get into Stray and start earning those trophies. Now that you know what’s in the Stray trophy list, you can prepare yourself for what’s to come should you be planning on earning platinum. Considering that the game can be completed within 2 hours, it shouldn’t take too long to earn everything.

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