Stray Chapter List – How Many Chapters in Stray

A list of all the chapters in Stray.

Players are looking for the Stray chapter list. As much as cat lovers would love to experience being a cat forever, alas the journey does end. And knowing the Stray chapter list does help you understand how long it’ll take to finish this game.

All Stray Chapters

  • Chapter 1 – Inside The Wall
  • Chapter 2 – Dead City
  • Chapter 3 – The Flat
  • Chapter 4 – The Slums
  • Chapter 5 – Rooftops
  • Chapter 6 – The Slums Part 2
  • Chapter 7 – Dead End
  • Chapter 8 – The Sewers
  • Chapter 9 – Antvillage
  • Chapter 10 – Midtown
  • Chapter 11 – Jail
  • Chapter 12 – Control Room

Stray has a total of 12 chapters. Each chapter has you wandering around and exploring a long lost city in an attempt to find your way back to your family. Here are all chapters of the game:

Each chapter will usually take you about 30 to 50 minutes to finish. You can potentially stretch out chapters by talking to NPCs and exploring for collectibles. However this Stray chapter list isn’t going to take most very long to see through. Check out our Stray Length – How Long to Beat The Game? for an idea of how long you’ll be playing.

There is an achievement that requires that you complete the game in under two hours. So if you know what you’re doing and how to solve the puzzles of this game, then finishing the game under that time is actually very feasible. Check out our Stray Trophy List – How to Get Platinum for a list of all the guides.

Stray Chapter List

With this Stray chapter list, you probably realized that your journey won’t take too long. Maybe you should take a cat nap on the way and enjoy the view?

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