Stray – All B-12 Memories locations and How to Get Them

This guide has everything you need to know about B-12's missing memories

Your robotic drone friend B-12 is missing its memories. The curious little drone needs your help to remember what it has forgotten, so you have to look for all B-12 Memories locations in Stray.

To do this, you must travel the city with the hope of certain sights that may help trigger long-lost memories. There are major memories that are story important and minor ones that are optional yet round out the truths discovered about the world the Companions inherited.

Stray B-12 Memories are Story Important Memories. As the name suggests, these memories are story critical and often lead to revelations about the true nature of B-12 and the world.

Here are all the Stray B-12 Memories locations and how to get them:

Mural of the "Outside" - Stray B-12 Memory

Mural of the “Outside”

The first major memory the pair encounter, this mural reminded B-12 about the “Outside”. It had also promised someone that they would go there but they don’t remember who. It is first encountered after leaving the Flat and riding the bucket down the path leading to the Slum.

You pick up the “Postcard” item and this becomes the item used to communicate your intentions to the Companions.

The City - Stray B-12 Memory

The City

After reaching the highest point during the ‘Rooftops’ Chapter and installing the transmitter, B-12 looks down at the city and is reminded of its purpose. Long ago, humans created the cities as shelters against the “Outside”, believing that it was harsh and inhabitable. But seeing as the cat came from the outside, there might be hope that the world has somehow rejuvenated itself.

B-12 has a mission now, it is what it was designed for. To open the city and set everyone free.

The Machine - Stray B-12 Memory

The Machine

During their approach of Antvillage, the pair come across a peculiar machine. B-12 starts by saying that it was used by humans to connect with machines and that it helped a scientist during the procedure. But it quickly realizes that it did not help the scientist… B-12 was that scientist. This caused B-12 to shut down for a short time as it comes to terms with this new truth.

Subway Station - Stray B-12 Memory

Subway Station

This memory is triggered the moment the player enters the Subway Station. B-12 remembered what it was like to ride them. When B-12 was human, he was taking the subway every day for work to provide for his family. But now none of that matters anymore. Their focus should be on finding Clementine and finding a way to get outside.

Control Room - Stray B-12 Memory

Control Room

This is the final memory that is triggered the moment the player enters the Control Room. B-12 remembers hating the people who live comfortably in the higher levels, doing nothing while people like B-12’s family died. Well, he couldn’t help them then but he can help the cat and the Companions living below. This is also its chance to finally see the outside world, something it had long desired for so long.

Optional memories are a look back into what the humans had created as well as commentary on Companion society. These are found in the living areas and the places between them. They can be easily missed if the player chooses to do so but they offer greater insight into the world.

The Slums

There 7 memories located in the Slums. You can collect them all the moment you enter the area up until you enter the sewers and the Companions seal the door behind you.

Midtown bound robot - Midtown bound robot - Stray B-12 Memory

Midtown bound robot

Located on the rooftop next to the big elevator, this poor Companion thought it was bound for Midtown. You’ll need to do some climbing to reach it. Go to the building in front of Clementine’s apartment. Then jump to the building that has the bucket line. Climb the roofs until you’re close enough to recall the memory.

Like many humans before it, it too wanted to reach the higher levels.

Picture of an early model of a Companion - Stray B-12 Memory

Picture of an early model of a Companion

Bought from the barterman in exchange for 3 energy drinks, the picture reminded B-12 of what the Companions were in the early days and their original purpose. It theorized that the Companions started mimicking the humans because they missed them. It’s probably what kept them from going extinct along with the humans.

Vending machine locations:

  • Besides the RIP HUMANS spray paint art.
  • Beneath the rooftop that has the TV and remote.
  • In front of Morusque’s spot.
  • On the balcony above Rozey (the Companion in the alley watching TV.) At the top of the stairs, jump on the plastic crate, then jump the wooden beams until you reach the balcony with the vending machine.
Food - Stray B-12 Memory


Located on the second floor of the Bar, the bowl of “food” reminds B-12 that the Companions didn’t originally have digestive systems. Perhaps they evolved to have them after mimicking humans for so long. B-12 thinks about having a bite out of respect for their ways.

Back Home 2 Poster - Stray B-12 Memory

Back Home 2 Poster

Located in Momo’s apartment, the poster reminded B-12 of the video game that his creator often played. And although the name escapes the drone, it remembers the feelings from that time.

RIP Humans <3 - Stray B-12 Memory

RIP Humans <3

Located left of the first corridor from the entry way to the Slums, the RIP Humans wall art is a reminder of those who lived in this area. B-12 also contemplates what it would feel like to die as an AI.

Companion wall art - Stray B-12 Memory

Companion wall art

Located behind Morusqu’s chill spot, this piece is a great reminder of how much the Companions have evolved since they were first created. It is often said that making art is important in desperate situations. These are certainly desperate times.

Tree - Stray B-12 Memory


The Tree memory can be found inside Elliot Programming. B-12 calls the trees growing underground a scientific marvel. It was human ingenuity that made it possible for plants to thrive without sunlight. The Companions don’t need the plants to survive. But they maintain them anyways, it’s what the humans would have wanted.


There are only 2 memories in the Rooftops chapter. Both of them are signs that contain 2 different meanings. The neon sign was significant because it was practically the de facto light in the lower levels. Contrary to the Neco Corp sign, the corporation is responsible for disposing of trash in the shelter city. They are also responsible for the Zurks outbreak.

Neon sign - Stray B-12 Memory

Neon sign

Encountered after making it through the first couple of Zurk encounters in the Rooftops chapter. There is no real light at the bottom of the shelter, the illusion of light is all created via the collective lights deep underground. Long ago, when constant blackouts were common, someone dared to defy the establishment by lighting up his surroundings. He was taken away never to be seen again. And yet the idea persevered… and there was nothing the oppressors can do to stop it.

Neco Corp sign - Stray B-12 Memory

Neco Corp sign

Located in the middle of the construction site where the transmitter is located, this sign reminds B-12 of Neco Corp. The company was responsible for waste management in the shelter. They are also responsible for the creatures called Zurks albeit unintentionally. To find it, you must scale the building and avoid the Zurks until you get to the part where you need to open a gate to let the Zurks out so you can move a barrel to reach a hanging beam. If you look past it at the room with the infestation, the sign is located in the middle of the room.

Dead End

Dead End is part of the Dead City. This is where Shemus’ father, Doc, went to experiment ways in which to destroy the Zurks. There are 3 memories in this Chapter, all of them easily accessible but you’ll need to go off the beaten path to remember the second optional memory.

The Wall - Stray B-12 Memory

The Wall

Approaching the wall for the first time in a very long time, B-12 was reminded of what it stood for, the divide between Midtown and the Slums. It was also reminded of the trash the people of Midtown used to dump on the heads of the people of the Slums.

A little cottage with a harmless fishing rod and a lot of books - Stray B-12 Memory

A little cottage with a harmless fishing rod and a lot of books

Long ago, the scientist that created B-12 wanted to retire after reaching the outside and looked toward finding a little cottage with a fishing rod in hand and lots of books. B-12 would like to do the same thing, in honor of the scientist.

The memory can be found in a makeshift riverside encampment after the trolley segment and walking towards the river instead of going up the concrete path leading to Dead End. If you jump past the chainlink fence separating the two zones then you’ve missed it.

Remembering Children - Stray B-12 Memory

Remembering Children

This memory can be found inside the house where Doc conducts experiments. The mannequin with all the colorful stuff attached to it reminded B-12 of children. The drone also adds that Doc misses Seamus and wonders if that’s the same thing humans feel about children.

The Sewers

The Sewers is one of the more dangerous chapters in the game but it is the one chapter that allows you to fight back against the Zurks. Armed with tech with the Defluxor, B-12 is capable of defending against the mutated creatures. But that doesn’t last too long.

The sewer system - Stray B-12 Memory

The sewer system

This memory is unlocked by taking an alternative route after getting separated from Momo. Go down the concrete passageway with the Zurk eggs on the walls. At the junction, look left and you’ll a bunch of eggs in front of a drainage pipe. Get rid of the Zurks to clear your path. Past the pipe, you’ll see have a view of the sewer system.

B-12 notes that humans created it to supply them with fresh water by drilling deep underground in hopes of finding pockets of fresh water. Some of those places are cavernous enough to fill the space of entire buildings.

Giant Organism - Stray B-12 Memory

Giant Organism

This memory is attainable after surviving the chapter’s first gauntlet run. After going down the big pipe, do not immediately go down the pipe to the next room. Instead, walk the opposite way, jump onto the smaller pipe and onto a couple of barrels between entering a drainage pipe where B-12 talks about the giant organism.

Our little drone thinks the organism is part of something… larger. The thought of it is chilling, to say the least.


Antvillage is a settlement established by the Outsiders. Because of the potential dangers of Midtown, they have decided to hunker down there while they send Clementine to finish the job.

Robot language - Stray B-12 Memory

Robot language

This is the only optional memory that can be found in Antvillage. It is located on the wall in the sitting room with Isaac. B-12 remembered the long time spent within the network. In that span of time, the Companions developed their own language. B-12 then spent even more time translating the language to something organics can understand. Our little drone has more in common with the Rosetta Stone than most realize.


Midtown used to represent the upper class of humanity. Many of the humans there paid a lot of money to live comfortably and not have to deal with filth that was being forced onto the Slums. The robots, by and large, still mimic many of the habits and jobs the humans once had. You can see robots enjoying themselves in the club or working hard at the canteen. They don’t know why they’re doing it, they just do it.

Library of Books - Stray B-12 Memory

Library of Books

This memory is triggered right after leaving the Subway Station and seeing Ledoc’s collection of books. B-12 remembers the comforting feeling of turning the page of a book and its smell “A book was like spending time with someone.”

Relaxation spot - Stray B-12 Memory

Relaxation spot

Located across the alleyway from the club, (we’re actually amazed that none of that beats can be heard outside.) the relaxation spot reminded B-12 of what it felt like to have a body. The drone misses the good and the bad that came with actually “feeling” sensations.

The barbershop - Stray B-12 Memory

The barbershop

The barbershop is located next to the hat shop leading up to the Residential area. To get to the memory, you’ll need to go to the crawl space above the shop floor.

B-12 remembered the barbershop as more than just a place to cut hair. It is also a social hub where humans used to talk about their day. Well, the robots kept it in business. Robots really do love to socialize.

Mimicking Human Work and Behavior - Stray B-12 Memory

Mimicking Human Work and Behavior

This memory can be found inside the canteen across the square opposite of the hat shop. To reach it, players need to head to the back of the establishment, jump onto the table, and again at the top of the dividing wall.

B-12 finds it interesting that robots are so good at mimicking human jobs and behaviors. This place appears to be selling its own version of burgers and street food. It then remembers the place its human self often frequented to get a bite to eat.

The Sentinels - Stray B-12 Memory

The Sentinels

This memory is accessible after pulling off the big heist and stealing the battery. The door to the police box at the center of town will open up. There a picture of a Sentinel reminds B-12 of their original purpose.

The Sentinels were once tasked to protect people. But as the discontent grew among the people, the people in charge didn’t think twice to use them to keep the people in line. Long after the people are gone, they still perform the duties of their dead masters.

Drinks with friends - Stray B-12 Memory

Drinks with friends

This is the last memory that can be found in Midtown. To get to it, you need to take the Dumbwaiter all the way down to the basement. There, you will find a small table with a bottle of wine and some glasses.

B-12 remembered drinking with friends despite living an undesirable life under the thumb of both Neco Corp and the Sentinels.


The Jail is where robots go to serve their time, often in the hundreds of years. If they’re unlucky enough, they can even have their minds erased. We don’t how the Sentinels figured out how to do it. Maybe it was part of their programming all along. Or it was something they picked up from their crueler human counterparts.

This Poor Guy - Stray B-12 Memory

This Poor Guy

Located in the yard just before reaching the exit gate, this poor fellow was casually thrown out like trash. Upon further inspection, B-12 confirmed that they the Sentinels erased every trace of what this Companion was. It warns the company not to get caught twice.

How to get the “I Remember” trophy in Stray

If you follow all these steps above right, you should be able to get All Stray B-12 Memories when you walk into the Control Room. So, what do you get from remembering all of B-12’s memories? A new shiny coat for the cat. (which happens to be this guide’s featured image) And the “I Remember” trophy.

How to get the "I Remember" trophy in Stray - get All Stray B-12 Memories

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