Stray Notebook Locations

All 4 Notebook Locations in Stray.

Players are searching for the Stray Notebook locations. In Chapter 4, you’ll meet Momo who asks you to collect all the notebooks in the Slums but it can be confusing to find each one as the level is easy to get lost in. In this guide, we’ll show you each of the Stray Notebook locations.

Stray has 4 Notebooks to collect. Here are all the Stray Notebook locations:

  • Momo’s Notebook
  • Clementine’s Notebook
  • Doc’s Notebook
  • Zbaltazar’s Notebook

Stray requires you to find all 4 notebooks in order to progress the story. Each notebook is in a different location. You’ll have to do some exploration and puzzle solving to get to each one. You can find every Notebook in Chapter 4.

Stray Notebook Locations Momo

Momo’s Notebook Location

Momo’s Notebook is unavoidable as you’ll collect it as part of the main story. Once you talk to the robot “Guardian” you’ll have to climb the rooftops to speak with Momo. After speaking with Momo in the flat, you’ll automatically get the Notebook and the mission to get the other three.

Stray Notebook Locations Clementine

Clementine’s Notebook Location

Clementine’s Notebook can be retrieved from the rooftop of The Slums. Go back to where you talked to “Guardian” the robot with the straw hat, red robes, and spear. Look to the right where you can find a red vending machine. Use that red vending machine to get to the rooftop and then jump to the opposite building on the right.

You should see a wall with a blue painting on the top left. It has a white painting of a face with a surprised expression. It’s the same mark on Momo’s notebook. That’s two dots and a circle between and under them. On the right side of that face is a square window you can enter. Go inside and through the kitchen, and then enter the room with a computer. Clementine’s Notebook is right on top of some old fashioned CRT PC monitors.

Stray Notebook Locations Doc

Doc’s Notebook Location

Doc’s Notebook can be found in the library-like apartment. You can get to this apartment by heading left once you exit Momo’s apartment. It’s near the robot “Swanito” who’s relaxing on the rooftops of The Slums.

To get this Notebook, first you have to translate the piece of paper on the back room to the right behind some stacked books. Jess the Librarian has noted the keys to the safe. Go to the library book case between L and M sections and jump on top of the stacked books. This will make those books fall down revealing the safe behind it. Use the keys to unlock the safe and you can pick up Doc’s Notebook.

Stray Notebook Locations Zbaltazar

Zbaltazar’s Notebook Location

Zbaltazar’s Notebook can be found on the rooftops below a ventilation shaft. Go back to where you spoke with the “Guardian” robot. Platform to the top of the left building until you reach the rooftop. This is the building just across the red vending machine. You’ll see a ventilation shaft with spinning fans. You’ll have to grab the contraption on the left to stop it.

After you’ve stopped the ventilation from spinning, drop down to the bottom of the vents and you’ll land on a bunk bed. Jump on top of the refrigerator and then on top of the boxes. Keep jumping around until they collapse. One of the boxes has Zbaltazar’s Notebook which you can pick up.

That’s all the Stray Notebook Locations. We hope you found this article informative. You need to find all Notebooks to proceed the story in Chapter 4. This has confused many players are the Slums are actually quite confusing.

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