Stray Badges – How to get all badges in Stray

How to unlock the Badges trophy in Stray.

Stray Badges, for the most part, are rewards given for completing requests given by the Companions. There is only one story critical badge, and that’s the “Outsider badge” given to you by Seamus. Two of the badges you are to acquire through exploration and a bit of puzzle-solving. And the three badges are up for grabs in exchange for items in the game.

This guide will tell you everything you need on how to get all badges in Stray.

List of All Badges in Stray:

  • Music badge
  • Outsider Badge
  • Plant Badge
  • Cat Badge
  • Neco Badge
  • Police Badge

Music Badge

The Music Badge can be acquired from Morusque after finding all of his requested sheet music. Check out our complete Stray Sheet Music Locations and How to Get Them.

Outsider Badge

Given by Shemus at the start of the Dead End chapter, the Outsider Badge makes you an honorary friend of the Outsiders. It serves little purpose else other than letting people know that you are an ally of the group.

Plant Badge

The Plant Badge is acquired from Malo in Antvillage. Malo resides in the upper levels of the village and can be talked to after talking to Zbaltazar. To get the badge, you need to gather 3 different colored plants and give them to Malo.

  • The purple plant rests on a branch visible from the common area of the lower floors where the painter and mahjong players reside. Jump on the branch to collect it.
  • The yellow plant can be found growing on a pipe right next to the village’s canteen. To get to it, you’ll need to go back down to Zbaltazar’s meditation area and go across instead of going up.
  • The red plant can be found growing from a tree near the waterfall at the base of the tree. To get to it, you’ll need to take the bucket near the mahjong players’ area. You should be able to see it from the village itself.

After gathering all the plants, head back to Malo to collect your badge.

Cat Badge

The Cat Badge is a curious little button that one can consider a reward for exploring the map. The badge itself is locked away in a safe at the back of a store. The store itself is located along Midtown’s main street.

To open the safe, you’ll need to decipher the code from the poster opposite the safe. The poster reads: 2458 :edoC.

You can enter the code as is but it’ll return an error. The correct code is 8542. Open the safe and collect the Cat Badge.

Neco Badge

The Neco Badge can be acquired after helping the Worker find his missing keys. The keys can be found floating with a bunch of junk in the middle of the long aisle guarded by Sentinels. To get to it, at the middle of the aisle, instead of going forward as you normally would, go right and jump on the barrel while looking at the next barrel. The Worker’s Keys should be there.

Open the door using the switch, loop back around, and return the keys to him to get the Neco Badge.

Police Badge

The Polic Badge is the most obscure badge in the game. It is rewarded to players who take the time to fully explore Midtown to discover all of its secrets.

To get to it, you’ll need to go to the Police Station. On the left side of the station, you should see an alleyway apparently leading to nowhere. Jump on the air conditioning unit and keep going up until you find yourself on the ledge that’s on the Police Station.

If you look up, you should be able to see a button prompt informing you that you can jump into the Station’s prison. (There are many windows in the area, make sure you are entering the Police Station, nowhere else.)

Once inside the prison, there should be a non-functional Companion on the floor. Approach it and interact with the button to acquire the Police Badge.

How to unlock Badges Trophy in Stray

If you manage to get all the badges in the game, you should be enough to unlock the Badges trophy.

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