Stray Energy Drink Locations – All Vending Machines

Learn the location of all the Energy Drinks in Stray.

Stray Energy Drink Locations featured

Players are searching for the Stray Energy Drink locations. During Chapter 4, you’ll be able to get energy drinks and exchange from the merchant in The Slums for certain items. This guide will teach you the Stray Energy Drink locations so you can do so.

You need to find Vending Machines in order to get Energy Drinks in Stray. There are four Energy Drinks in total in Chapter 4 which you can find.

How to get an Energy Drink in Stray:

  • Look for a vending machine
  • Interact
  • Get Energy Drink

All 4 Vending Machine and Energy Drink Locations in Stray

  1. Left of Morusque, where you encountered the Guardian.
  2. If you face the laundromat and turn left, you’ll see an R.I.P. Humans mural. Left is a white vending machine.
  3. Visit Granny and head right to a stack of boxes and a ladder. Right, up the stairs, past the TV, then turn. Jump to the canopy to find the vending machine.
  4. From Momo’s bucket lift, cross the plank to the mattress-and-bottles rooftop. When you find it, a robot may be sleeping there. Drop down from another rooftop with a couch and TV to find a vending machine.
Stray Energy Drink Location #1

Stray Energy Drink Location #1

You can easily find the 1st Stray Energy Drink Location as it’s not too far away from the merchant. After speaking with the robot that calls itself “Guardian” who is wearing red robes, a spear, and a spear go to the right where you’ll see the merchant sitting in the corner. Go to the left of the Guardian and you’ll see a blue vending machine just below the stairs you can interact with for an Energy Drink.

Stray Energy Drink Location #2

Stray Energy Drink Location #2

The second Stray Energy Drink location is a bit around the back of The Slums. Go back to the Guardian robot. Facing him, turn around and go underneath the stairs. Go right and then go left. You should see a robot cleaning the floor. Keep going straight until you reach a flight of stairs. Go above and look left. Interact with the vending machine to get the Energy Drink from the white vending machine.

Stray Energy Drink Location #3

Stray Energy Drink Location #3

The third Stray Energy Drink location is a bit hard to find. Starting from the second Energy Drink location (the one with the white vending machine), go to the left and underneath the staircase. Go left again once you’re below and take the alley to the right. Jump on top of the external air conditioning. You should be at the store with a drawing of an old lady below at this point.

Look across the aircon you’re on top of and jump across to the metal cover. You’ll have to platform to the rooftop. Once you’re at the top, you should see a metal water container set down on a wooden plank that sticks out of the edge. Look below and you should see a yellow vending machine nearby on a balcony. Jump down on the railing and interact with it to get the 3rd Energy drink.

Stray Energy Drink Location #4

Stray Energy Drink Location #4

The fourth Stray Energy Drink location isn’t too far from the yellow vending machine above. Climb to the top of the roof again until you see the metal water container that’s been set down on a wooden plank. There’s a robot on that rooftop with a cane. Facing that robot, look behind and you’ll see an orange vending machine across the rooftops. All you have to do is jump across and interact with it.

What are energy drinks used for in Stray?

The cat you’re controlling doesn’t drink the energy drink themselves. It would be ill-advised to feed your feline friends real-life energy drinks, after all. After getting the energy drink can from vending machines, you can trade them in for items like a Sheet Music or the mysterious ancient Relic item that the merchant in Chapter 4 can sell to you.

Once you get all the Energy Drinks in Chapter 4, you’ll have the option to trade them in for a Sheet Music or one of B-12 memories. There isn’t enough Energy Drinks in the location to buy everything from the merchant. Thankfully, you can come back thanks to Stray’s Chapter Select and acquire the other item you missed.

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