Stray – How to Complete the Sewers Without Killing Zurks

How to unlock the Pacifist Trophy in Stray.

In Stray the sewers are the most dangerous of places between the Slums and Midtown. It’s not only a labyrinth of interconnected pipes and buildings-tall water tanks, but it is also the perfect place for the Zurks to multiply. Learn how to complete the sewers without killing Zurks in Stray to unlock the Pacifist trophy.

In this guide, we will be telling you everything you need to know on how to get the Stray Pacifist trophy. It’ll involve a lot of running and you may need to put yourself in harm’s way on more than one occasion but it’s worth it to have that gold trophy be part of your collection.

How to Complete the Sewers Without Killing Zurks in Stray

The first time, you are separated from Momo, you are tasked to open a gate that prevents the raft to advance any further. Problem is, that there is a cluster of Zurk eggs in front of the switch. Normally, you’ll be zapping them with ultraviolet radiation(?) but this time around, you won’t have that option.

To have a shot at obtaining the Pacifist trophy, you’ll need to run towards the switch at an angle that’ll result in the least amount of eggs breaking and running around the platform until Momo brings the raft over.

That’s the first part done.

Once you’ve been separated from Momo, you’ll encounter at least 3 separate chase sequences. During all these times, you can spare yourself from using the spotlight weapon if you take the long way around and avoid clusters of eggs if you can.

The fewer Zurks there will be to chase you around, the more chances you have at shaking them off if they happen to stick onto you.

This method applies when you’re asked to open the big door leading up to the double doors that need to be hacked on both sides. And the chase sequence at the end of the level. (You won’t even have the chance to use the weapon anymore as it’s already broken at that point.)

How to unlock the Pacifist Trophy in Stray

Run as much as you can, avoid the egg clusters outside of chase sequences, and prepare to shake them off on more than one occasion. And once you’ve reached the security gate at the end of the level, you should get the Stray Pacifist trophy for your troubles.

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