Stray Safe Mysterious Password – Binary Code Translator Guide

How to Open the Safe in The Slums Guide

Stray Safe Mysterious Password - Binary Code Translator Guide

The Stray Safe Code is among the first genuine challenges you’ll find in the game. You’ll eventually find a safe while exploring the slums, and it requires a Mysterious Password in order to be opened, you’ll need to find someone who knows how to unlock it in order to get your hands on what’s inside.

As such, here’s a rundown on how you can open the Safe in The Slums while taking on the role of a cat.

Find the Stray Safe

As a side quest, you’re helping the struggling musician Morusque by collecting eight individual pieces of sheet music. The 8th score can be collected by deciphering the safe’s code, which requires the player to locate the digicode. Now locate it, just do the following:

You can find the Safe in the alley to the left of Morusque, the guitar-playing robot who is in possession of Sheet Music. When you enter The Slums, the first robot you’ll see will be Guardian; Morusque will be down the stairs to the left of him.

You’ll need to do additional digging to discover the exact password though. If you take the paper with the code to Elliot, he will tell you where the password is hidden.

Head to Elliot Programming

You can find Elliot if you walk around the safe and head up the stairs to your right. Now turn right and descend the stairs, and straight towards the red neon sign.

Instead of entering via that door, continue around the corner to the left, then take the first right and stop at the door on the right. It has a reddish color and has a complicated diagram on it. Scratch on the door in order to get inside.

Take the stairs on the right side of the room, then you’ll find Elliot staring at some monitors. Just show him the note, and he’ll utter the words: Dufer Bar. And while you’re inside the building, scan the plants at the top of the stairs to find one of the Stray Memories.

Head to Dufer Bar

Now, head back downstairs and give the door another scratch in order to exit the building. Take a left turn, and then immediately after you reach the corner, turn right. The entrance to the bar is the first door on the right.

At the far end of the bar inside, there is a neon sign that says DUFER BAR, and a painting hangs directly above it. After you’ve approached the counter, you can interact with the painting that’s hung over it. That will tumble off the wall shortly, thereby revealing the secret code. 1-2-83.

Go back and Open the Safe

After that, you will need to make your way back to the safe and use the digipad to unlock it using the code 1283. You will find Sheet Music 8/8 within, which you can give to Morusque in order to progress further in his quest.

Collecting all of the Music Sheets unlocks a new song for Morusque to perform, and is required for the Meowlody trophy and achievement.

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