Stray – how to die and unlock the No More Lives Trophy

For this trophy, you gotta meet your end more than 9 times

Stray is a meticulously crafted experience from start to finish. It allows some level of exploration but so much that something game-breaking could happen. It may come as a surprise to some but it is actually somewhat hard to lose lives in Stray. So you might come to wonder, how to die in Stray?

The puzzle pieces are designed in such a way that they will not mysteriously throw themselves off the map. But there’s another layer to all this and it is about the number of times you can potentially lose at any given time.

On average, there may be anywhere between 3-5 deaths per playthrough. That’s good for the game, but not necessarily for completionists. Outside of the usual encounters with the Zurks or dysfunctional patrol of Sentinels, there really isn’t any way for you to just… die.

But that’s not going to stop us from getting the ‘No More Lives’ trophy and this guide will show you how to get one of the easiest and earliest trophies to get in the game.

How to die in Stray

How to die in Stray

The normal means of ‘dying’ in Stray come from getting eaten by the Zurks or getting shocked by the Sentinels, neither of which are pleasant experiences for obvious reasons. (Look at what they’ve done to my cat!)

You can begin the inevitable process by being bold and experimenting with survival techniques that may or not work. Remember, to get the trophy, you need to die at least 10 times. Doesn’t matter how, you just need to see that death screen over and over again.

How to die in Stray

Coincidently, this trophy could potentially be the second trophy in your collection as it is attainable after the player unlocks the ‘Missed Jump’ trophy.

How to unlock the No More Lives Trophy in Stray

How to unlock the No More Lives Trophy in Stray

To unlock the No More Lives Trophy in Stray, you’ll need to reach the point where you first meet the Zurks and they start chasing you. You can simply not do anything and die 10 times in a row and that’s good enough for the trophy. Nice and simple, yes?

And that’s it for this short Stray guide! I’m sure some of you won’t have a problem unlocking this trophy but who knows? This might actually help someone who doesn’t know what counts as ‘a death’ in this game.

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