Stray Sheet Music Locations and How to Get Them

This guide will show you how to find and get all the sheet music in the Slums

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The sheet music side mission in Stray is one that is given to you by Morusque, a struggling musician looking for inspiration. He asks the duo to bring him sheet music wherever they may be so he can practice the songs.

In this guide, we will tell you how where to find all Stray Sheet Music locations and how to get them in order to get a shiny new badge and a trophy. There are total of 8 Sheet Music pieces and they can only be found in the Slums.

Stray Sheet Music 1 location: Momo's apartment

Sheet Music 1 location

The first music sheet is located inside Momo’s apartment. To get it the player needs to enter the apartment and head to the back of the apartment. You should see the barred room with a plank of wood covering it. Walk underneath the bars and it is on top of the bookshelf.

Stray Sheet Music 2 location: Clementine's apartment

Sheet Music 2 location

The second music sheet can be found on a rooftop deck across Clementine’s apartment. (One of the outsiders) To get it the player simply needs to find a wooden table flanked by 2 plastic chairs. The sheet music is on the table.

Stray Sheet Music 3 location: Elliot's house

Sheet Music 3 location

The third music sheet is located inside Elliot’s house. You need to scratch on the door to get inside the house. Once inside, you should be able to see from across the front door, attached a painting of a Companion.

Stray Sheet Music 4 location: trade for 1 Energy Drink Can with Azooz

Sheet Music 4 location

The fourth music sheet is located at the Barterman’s stall next to the big elevator. Azooz will trade you the music sheet for 1 Energy Drink Can. You can get energy drinks from active vending machines. (If the light is on the machine, it is still active.) There are 4 of them in the Slums.

Vending machine locations:

  • Besides the RIP HUMANS spray paint art.
  • Beneath the rooftop that has the TV and remote.
  • In front of Morusque’s spot.
  • On the balcony above Rozey (the Companion in the alley watching TV.) At the top of the stairs, jump on the plastic crate, then jump the wooden beams until you reach the balcony with the vending machine.
Stray Sheet Music 5 location: second floor of the bar

Sheet Music 5 location

The fifth music sheet can be found on the second floor of the bar. The music sheet can be picked up by jumping on top of one of the table stalls in the back.

Stray Sheet Music 6 location

Sheet Music 6 location

The sixth music sheet can be found inside Clementine’s apartment. It is located in the bookcase on the other side of the glass door. There is no glass on the bottom of the door, the player can easily slip through and enter the room.

Stray Sheet Music 7 location: in the library

Sheet Music 7 location

The seventh music sheet can be found in the library that also has Doc’s notebook. It is sitting on the tray of a piano. Look for the section that has the deactivated Companion. You should be able to see it pretty easily.

Stray Sheet Music 8 location: DUFER BAR
Stray Sheet Music 8 location: DUFER BAR

Sheet Music 8 location

The eighth music sheet is the last one and it is located in a safe beside Morusque’s chill spot. To open the safe, you need to solve its mysterious password. Problem is, that the code is written in a binary language, which means you’ll need to find a programmer to decipher it.

First you have to decipher the code, and you need to bring the piece of paper to Elliot. Show it to him and he will decipher it for you. The code translates to “DUFER BAR”.

The next step is to go to the bar. Look for the “DUFER BAR” neon sign and interact with the picture to make fall off. You should be able to see the safe code etched on the wall.

The safe code is 1283.

Head back to the safe and enter the 1283 Digicode. Enter it correctly, and the safe will open up and you can pick up the last and the 8th music sheet.

Interestingly enough, you don’t need to go to Elliot’s to know the digicode. You can simply go to the Bar and interact with the picture instantly to know the code.

How to get the Stray ‘Meowlody’ trophy and Music Badge

After finding all Stray Sheet Music locations and getting the last Stray Sheet Music to bring to Morusque, give all the music sheets to Morusque and he will play all the music to improve his art. You can track all the sheets by looking at the sheets attached beside him.

What do you get from all of this? The Music Badge. And ‘Meowlody’ trophy.

Stray - The Music Badge
Stray Meowlody trophy

And that’s it for all the sheet music locations. Looking back, they’re not really that hard to find. But if this you guys out, even a little bit, then it’s all good.

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