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The Skrendel Bros Bounty is one of the middle-stage bounties that players can take on in High On Life. In this bounty, the bounty hunter is tasked on taking down the Skrendel Bros who are the overseers of the G3’s laboratories that work on the living drugs.

In this guide, we will be going through the entire Skrendel Bros bounty and share tips on how to get through the puzzles and obstacles along the way. Check out out How to Beat the Skrendel Bros guide to learn some strategies against them.

Skrendel Bros Bounty Walkthrough

As you arrive in Zephyr Paradise after taking the Skrendel Bros bounty, you’ll meet a Moplet who will tell you where the Skrendel Lab can be found.

Lower Valley - Skrendel Bros Bounty Walkthrough in High On Life

Lower Valley

Continue up ahead and used the zipline to get into Mushroom Valley. You can then start using the jetpack that you got earlier from Blim City to help you get across huge gaps. You’ll also be using Gus to be able to get across the valley by using the discs.

Once you reach the area where the acid waterfall is, clear the enemies around, then look beside the waterfall to find a hot wall. Shoot a disc to this wall, tether to it, and you’ll be able to see a gap behind the waterfall where you can see another hot wall up ahead.

Move across the mushroom platforms and you’ll eventually arrive at a wall of fans. Use Sweezy to stop the one in the middle, then jump and hover through to get to the other side. You’ll then arrive at the Security Checkpoint. Make your way through here and you’ll find an L-shaped splatform. Stand on the side on the ground, then use Kenny’s glob shot to fling yourself over to the other side of the river.

Skrendel Pass - Skrendel Bros Bounty Walkthrough in High On Life

Skrendel Pass

Follow the bridge path that forks to the left to get to the labs. Be careful as some of these bridges will collapse as you pass, so be prepared to hit your jetpack when needed. You’ll find a zipline shooter at the end of the path; turn it on by pressing the switch attached to the dwelling nearby.

You’ll arrive at the loading dock. Head to the building at the right where you’ll find Helen again. She’ll set off the alarm, so prepare to fight as you head back out. Move towards the elevator on the opposite side and push the button to go up. It will stop halfway where more goons will shoot at you from another platform.

Clear the goons and jump to the other platform, then push the button to call the next elevator. Clear the next wave of goons, then make your way to the other elevator and ride it up. It will stop again and more goons will be shooting at the next elevator; clear them then ride the next elevator up into the next area.

Sector A - Hybridization - Skrendel Bros Bounty Walkthrough in High On Life

Sector A – Hybridization

Inside Sector A, defeat all of the enemies in it. The quest marker leads you to a machine behind a locked door. go to the ramp just beside the door to access the security room. Find the button that unlocks the weapons lab, then go back to the door which should now be unlocked.

Go inside the weapons lab where you’ll get Creature. Then, use Creature to disable the electrical lock to get back out. Defeat the goons outside, then shoot one of Creature’s kids through the hole and it should make its way to the electrical box on its own. Proceed to the next area where you’ll find another electrical box.

For this puzzle, head down the ramp first, then shoot the splatform with a glob shot to lift the gatlian. Then, head back out and shoot another kid through the hole near the ceiling and it will make its way to the electrical box.

In the next area, shoot another kid into the box to open the gate, then defeat all the goons. Shoot a hypno baby into the hole to control the goon up top; continue shooting more of the other kids to make the mind-control effect last longer. Move to the office above and clear the remaining enemies.

You’ll be back outside where you’ll find some nests ahead. Shoot Creature’s kids into them to make hookbugs go out. Swing through these hookbugs towards the zipline to make it to the next area.

Specimen Holding / Jonathan Skrendel Boss Fight - Skrendel Bros Bounty Walkthrough in High On Life

Specimen Holding / Jonathan Skrendel Boss Fight

In this area, clear out all the enemies then you can save the rest of the caged-up human on the left side before heading up the ramp into the building.

You’ll be fighting one of the Skrendel Bros, Jonathan Skrendel. His main attack is elbow dropping to the ground to release a ring of acid. Because of how fast Jonathan moves, you can use Creature’s kids to home in on him and deal tick damage. Once his health bar is out, he will escape the area.

Laboratory Croassroads / Angela Skrendel Boss Fight

Bug warning: There have been reports from players that prevented them from getting back into the bounty after taking the portal to go back into Blim City. After doing so, they found that they can no longer get back into the bounty. It's best to avoid using this portal for now.

Continue following the marker into the crossroads where you’ll find a portal back into Blim City. From here, take the path to the left. Cross the waterfalls using the hookbugs and your jetpack to the other side. There will be a bit of platforming going on as you make your way up the waterfalls, plus there are enemies along the way.

Once you get past the snipers that warp in, head towards the large laser fence. Use Creature again to disable the fence by deactivating the electric box. Angela Skrendel will appear and flee the site while more enemies pour in. Make your way around the buildings and the marker will point to a lab.

Inside the lab, shoot one of Creature’s kids on the hole on the left chamber first, then shoot one on the right to deactivate the shield blocking the path. You’ll arrive at another section full of enemies . Clear them out and go up the next level to find Angela inside a room. Use Sweezy first to slow down the fan in the hole then use Creature to send a kid into the hole and open the door. Angela will flee again through the window.

Head outside through the window and clear out more enemies. Then, head into the next chamber where Angela is waiting. His main attack is an acid buck shot and he will also send out melee enemies on your way. Be careful when approaching Angela too close as he can do a melee attack that can push you into the grinders in the middle of the room.

Once Angela’s health is down, he will escape into the grinders and you can exit to the next area.

How to cross the huge gap:

You’ll arrive at an open area again with a splatform launcher ahead. Approach the building on the far end first and send a Creature kid through the gap between the shield wall and the roof to deactivate the shield. Then use the buttons to rotate the splatform facing towards the hot wall on the other side.

Before getting on the splatform, use Gus to shoot discs on the hot wall; try shooting at least two, one has to be lower than the other so that you can reach it as you jump. Then, get on top of the splatform and launch yourself over the gap while preparing to tether with Knifey.

Shoot the bulb up ahead first before you swing on the zipline to close all the gates along the way.

Skrendel Think Tank / Mona Skrendel and Bro-Tron Boss Fight

You’ll arrive at the Think Tank where Mona Skrendel is waiting. Mona runs around the arena and can do his sludge ball attack where he shoots sludge in the air that rain down on you. You can use Sweezy to slow him down and make him easier to shoot.

Once Mona’s health is down, he will go back to life and combine with his other brothers to form Bro-Tron. They will have all the combined attacks of each brother, but they’ll be a bit stronger. Once its health is down, the brothers will disassemble and continue doing their own attacks all together.

Concentrate on defeating one brother first to kill them off. Once one is down, the remaining two will recombine with a full heath once again. Take Bro-Tron down once more and then finish off the remaining two brothers to complete the fight. Once it’s over, collect samples from each brother to turn over for the bounty. After watching a short video message from Garmantuous, you can then exit and head over to the portal to go back home.

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