Secret Bosses of High On Life

High on Life Secret Boss cover

There are actually some secret bosses that can be encountered in High On Life, but these are not the regular type of secret boss encounters that most games have, and more like just Easter eggs or just a plain variant due to the player’s actions.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the secret bosses that are in High On Life.

Secret Boss #1: 5-Torg

5-Torg is one of the Torg clones that rule over the Slums. She can be encountered during the fight against 9-Torg. There really isn’t much to say with 5-Torg’s encounter as she will remain tied up and unable to move. You have the option to leave her be and carry on with completing the bounty or you can shoot her dead, and none of those two options would really matter for the game’s progression. You don’t even get any achievements for it. The only reason why 5-Torg is considered as a secret boss is because Kenny hesitantly considered her as one.

Secret Boss #2: Douglas’ Suit

Douglas’ Suit is just actually just a dead Douglas in a suit. There is nothing different between fighting Douglas and fighting his suit apart from the lines that they say during the fight. Although fighting either one of them will not affect the rest of the game, choosing how to proceed prior to the boss fight is necessary in order to choose who to fight.

The key to unlocking the Douglas’ Suit fight is with Gus, and for this, you will need to complete the Krubis bounty first. Once you get Gus, make sure that you have him on your hand from the first time that you meet Dr. Joopy a.k.a. Douglas and whenever you need to solve Dr. Joopy’s pipe puzzles. Among all the guns, Gus is the only one who can see through Dr. Joopy’s ruse as he notices that Dr. Joopy always changes the names of his kids whenever they meet.

During the third pipe puzzle, Dr. Joopy interrupts and says his gratitude, but he slips up again which causes Gus to lay out his suspicions and tells you to shoot Dr. Joopy. If you do shoot, Dr. Joopy drops his act and retreats back in order to get to his suit. Once you encounter him in his torture chamber, he’s already dead, but his suit takes over and fights against you.

There’s no achievement for taking this route, but going for this route will lock you out from getting the Gunning For Your Job achievement.

Secret Boss #3: Dr. Gurgula

Dr. Gurgula can only be encountered once you get to the secret ending of the game. He is revealed to be the leader behind the G3, which appears to be just one of the many groups that he’s possibly ruling over based from his cold response to the cartel’s demise. Although you cannot fight Dr. Gurgula, the entire scene of his encounter does suggest that the game might get a sequel where he becomes a boss you can fight against.

The trip to Dr. Gurgula’s lab rewards you with the Sequel-Bait achievement.

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