A Starfish is Born Achievement Guide High On Life

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A Starfish is Born is one of the achievements in High On Life and is one of the trickiest ones to get as it can easily be missable if one of the steps is not done properly. Despite that, this is also one of the most fulfilling ones to get as players get to help someone rise up to stardom.

In this guide, we will go through the steps on how to get the A Starfish is Born Achievement in High On Life.

How to Get the A Starfish is Born Achievement

To get the A Starfish is Born achievement, you will need to help a certain NPC named Globo to reach his dreams of becoming a famous drummer. You will need to follow these steps in order to make sure that the progression of this side quest goes smoothly, otherwise you’ll miss a step and you will need to do the steps again in a new playthrough.

Step 1: Complete the 9-Torg bounty

9-Torg will be your first bounty and you need to clear her in order to get access to Blim City where Globo is.

Step 2: Talk to Globo’s friend in Blim City

Upon returning home from the bounty, you’ll pass by Globo and his friend to the left side before reaching your house. Talk to Globo’s friend and he will tell you that Globo would like to have a drum to play with. At this point, do not head over to Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop yet to purchase the drum and give it to Globo yet. Instead, head over to your house for the next bounty.

Step 3: Complete your second bounty

After defeating 9-Torg, the next two bounties will become available. Choose anyone between the Krubis or Douglas bounty, then defeat the boss. Head back home for the next step.

Step 4: Go to Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop, buy the drum and give it to Globo

Once you head back home, you can then explore in Blim City some more. Head over to Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop to purchase the drum for 78 pesos. Then, go back to Globo and give the drum to him.

Step 5: Complete your third bounty

Head back home and take on the third bounty. Complete the bounty and report back to Gene.

Step 6: Visit Globo

After turning in your third bounty, visit Globo once again and you’ll see that a crowd has gathered around him. Talk to Globo and his friend, and then you can go take your next bounty.

Step 7: Complete your fourth bounty

Same as before, two more bounties become available. You can either go for Dr. Giblets or the Skrendel Bros. Take whichever bounty you want and then complete it. Head back home and turn in the bounty to Gene.

Step 8: Visit Globo once again

Once you head back to Globo’s spot, you’ll see that he’s no longer there, but his friend is still standing at the spot and that there are more of Globo’s posters on the walls. Talk to Globo’s friend and then you’re free to go to the next bounty.

Step 9: Complete your fifth bounty

Go ahead and complete the next bounty, then report back to Gene.

Step 10: Check back on Globo

At this point, you should be at the part where Blim City is getting invaded. Because of that, both Globo and his friend are no longer standing in the spot. After visiting the spot, you can then move to the slums to fight off the invasion.

Step 11: Complete the Nipulon bounty

Nipulon will be the sixth bounty that you need to clear. Once you’re done, report back to Gene.

Step 12: Watch Globo at the cafeteria screens

Before taking on Garmantuous, head back out into Blim City and go straight to the red cafeteria. If you’ve followed the steps correctly up to this point, you will see Globo playing the drum that you gave him being broadcasted on the display screens. Approach one of these screens and watch it for a few moments to get the A Starfish is Born achievement.

Make sure to not miss this chance even though you can still revisit Blim City after completing the game. There have been some reports from players that Globo did not appear on the screens even though they’ve followed up the steps until Step 11, only to visit the city after defeating Garmantuous. This might be by design or a bug that might get patched out in a future update. For now, it’s best to stick to the steps.

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