Missable Achievements in High On Life – How to Get Them All

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There are a couple of missable achievements that are present in High On Life. These achievements range from being very obvious and easily obtainable, to ones that can span through the majority of the game. But the common thing that they share is that if the opportunity to get them passes, then there won’t be another chance to do so other than starting a new playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll list down all the missable achievements in High On Life and put some tips and markers to make sure that they can’t be missed.

What are the missable achievements in High On Life?

Missable achievements are the type of achievements that can only be obtained during a specific part of the game’s progression. There are other achievements that can also be missed such as the one involving the secret movie theater or the secret ending, but these are more of the “secret” kind of achievement and that they can be obtained without being locked by story progression.

These are the missable achievements in High On Life:

  • Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This
  • Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds
  • Gunning For Your Job
  • A Starfish is Born
  • Carried Stan’s Load to Completion
  • Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood
  • Playing Favorites
  • Mods Please Ban

In case you do miss some of these achievements, you can still take a stab at them on a new playthrough, or try to reload to the last checkpoint if missed it fairly recently.

Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This

  • During Bounty: 9-Torg, Explore the Slums

The “Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This” achievement is the earliest one that you can get which involves the kid named Slumsley. All you need to do is to shoot Slumsley to kill him. Kenny will be against this idea and he won’t fire for the first few times that you try, but he will eventually shoot a bullet.

Apart from just physically getting past through Slumsley, you can also miss this achievement if you manage to get the ant guards from the path ahead to shoot at Slumsley; even if he’s dead, it still won’t count towards the achievement.

Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds

  • During Bounty: 9-Torg, Check in with Gene

After defeating 9-Torg, you will head back home to turn in the bounty. You’ll then have a talk with Gene, but then Knifey will talk about stabbing Gene. After the second time Knifey talks, you’ll get the melee button prompt on Gene. Stab Gene to get the achievement. Don’t worry, Gene will be alright.

Heads up: After the completing the 9-Torg bounty, you may want to check out the A Starfish is Born achievement first before taking on the Gunning For Your Job achievement as the former has steps that span throughout the game moving forward.

A Starfish is Born

  • During Bounty: 9-Torg, Head to the Slums

The A Starfish is Born achievement will have you help an NPC named Globo become famous as a drum artist. This achievement has steps that should be done with the right timing throughout the rest of the game, or else there wouldn’t be enough time to progress Globo’s story if it’s done too late, or Globo will bug out if it’s done too early.

The key to getting this achievement is to talk to Globo and his friend as soon as you get the chance to visit Blim City, but do not give him the drum yet until you complete your second bounty. From that point, just make sure to check in on Globo whenever you visit Blim City after completing the rest of the bounties.

You know that you’re on the right track once you see Globo being broadcasted on the television screens on the cafeteria just opposite of where he was playing. Once you see this, make sure you approach one of the screens and watch it for a few moments to get the achievement.

There have been reports that Globo does not appear on the TV screens despite having followed the steps until defeating Nipulon. If that is the case, continue on defeating Garmantuous and then check back with the screens as Globo should appear in them by then.

Gunning For Your Job

  • While choosing for the second bounty, choose Douglas first, then Krubis

The Gunning For Your Job achievement requires you to pick up Sweezy from Douglas first and then taking her to the Krubis bounty. There is a section in the Zephyr Paradise Jungle just before the Krubis fight where you have to talk to Helen the receptionist first. Make sure that you have Sweezy out as your gun before talking to Helen for this achievement to work.

During the conversation with Helen, having Sweezy out will reveal an additional dialogue option: when Helen asks who you are, choose the “I’m the new boss” option. This will change how the next part plays where you can choose any dialogue options to boss around the Moplets. After that, you’ll then be rewarded with the achievement.

Not having Sweezy as your main weapon at the time of talking to Helen will be an instant failure towards getting the achievement as there is no option to back out from the dialogue. And due to how the bounties are arranged on the bounty board, most players have missed this on their first playthrough.

Carried Stan’s Load to Completion

  • From Meet Clugg, Explore Worlds or Start the Next Bounty onwards

The Carried Stan’s Load to Completion will have you obtain, yes, Alien Cum from an NPC named Stan and carry it with you for the rest of the game. Stan will only appear starting from a specific part of the game when you are supposed to meet up with Clugg. Though you can delay talking to him, it should be done just right before your fight against Garmantuous, or else you’ll miss the achievement.

Stan can be found in Blim City, just a level higher from where Globo can be found. Once you get the Gallon of Alien Cum from him, you’re good to go. You’ll get the achievement once Garmantuous has been defeated and just as the credits for the game rolls in.

Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood

  • During Blim City Invasion, Get Back Home

The Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood achievement is an easy one so long as you don’t dine-and-dash and remember to pay your bill at Space Applebee’s. Because of how the scene plays out during this moment, the bill can still be easily missed unless you pan your view back down to the table to see the bill. Once you do see it, it’s just a matter of interacting with it and you’ll get the achievement.

Playing Favorites

  • During Bounty: Garmantuous, Defeat Garmantuous, Finish This

The Playing Favorites achievement will have you go against Kenny’s wish to sacrifice himself. During the latter half of the Garmantuous fight, once the boss is down, you’ll go through the scene where Kenny volunteers to go inside the boss to manually detonate the explosive. You can follow through and let Kenny become the hero, or you can instead change to your other guns, make them detonate the explosive, and get the achievement.

You can still play with whoever gun you decide to sacrifice afterwards as they will survive the explosion, and you can also take the time to listen to their lines as they’re about to be inserted into Garmantuous. There’s also a little secret something if you choose to sacrifice Lezduit.

Mods Please Ban

The Mods Please Ban achievement is a special case as it’s an achievement designed to encompass playthroughs, but if you’re the kind of person who wants to get everything in one go, then it can be counted as a missable one.

There are some objectives in the bounty hunter forums that are missable due to their location bein inaccessible due to story progression, or that the mobs that you’re supposed to kill stop appearing after progressing onward. These are:

  • Obtain Dr. Gurgula’s hint in Douglas’ office
    • I have information about Dr. Gurgula. Important
  • Kill 10 Hunks
    • just saw a huge merkalod lol+++
  • Kill 90 Greebles

For the case of the mobs, the trick to completing them in one go is to reload to a checkpoint after killing a number of them. They will simply respawn and you can rinse and repeat until you have completed the objective.

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