Where is Lizzie at the end of High On Life?

Where did Lizzie go at the end of High on Life?

Where is Lizzie at the end of High on Life featured

After being invaded by aliens in High On Life, you and your sister, Lizzie, have no doubt been through a lot. Although she does constantly go outside your house from time to time, Lizzie can usually be found waiting in the living room with Gene. After finishing off the G3 cartel, Lizzie is nowhere to be found in the game.

Let’s talk about where Lizzie could potentially be at the end of High On Life.

Where is Lizzie after beating High On Life?

Lizzie completely disappears at the end of High On Life. However Lizzie does seem to be fine considering that she’s seen partying with Gene in the end credits. After you’ve defeated Garmantous and returned to your living room, only Gene is there to greet you.

Considering that Lizzie is the first NPC that we really meet in the game, her just being gone without explanation can be worrying. This isn’t the first time she disappears from the house either. In Zephyr Paradise, Lizzie texts you that she’ll go out looking for your parents and if you go back, it will just be Gene in the house. Though she does come back later having met Tweeg.

Depending on whether you side with Lizzie or Gene in an argument later, Lizzie will either be kidnapped by Tweeg or she’ll pressure her alien boyfriend to elope with her. The former has her becoming a killer while the latter has her come to terms with how life has changed drastically for her. Either way they both break up.

Where is Lizzie at the end of High on Life

We aren’t sure if Lizzie disappearing at the end of High On Life will have anything to do with future installments for the game. If you’ve seen the High On Life ending, it’s possible that Dr. Gurgula might have kidnapped Lizzie and the bounty hunter just hasn’t noticed. You can read our How to Get the High On Life Secret Ending if you need help getting it.

What’s scary is that there are people who theorize that Lizzie may be buried at the back of your house. When you go outside, there are three graves at the back of your house. This gives the impression that Gene had something to do with it, however given that the old bounty hunter has gotten attached to Lizzie it’s doubtful this is the case.

Gene Where is Lizzie at the end of High on Life?

Unfortunately that’s all we really know about Lizzie at the end of High On Life. We can only guess Squanch Games will reveal where she is in an upcoming sequel or DLC. In the meantime, here are some High On Life content:

Check out this Youtube video from Savage Slayer showing all the outcomes with Tweeg and Lizzie near the end of High on Life.