How to Beat Ormstunga in God of War Ragnarok: Boss Fight Guide

Small but Nasty

How to Beat Ormstunga in God of War Ragnarok

Ormstunga in God of War Ragnarok is a quick-witted boss living at Svartalfheim’s Alberich Hollow. This tough foe can be a challenge to take down due to its evasive trait, but don’t fret. This guide will teach players some tips and tricks on how to beat Ormstunga, listing along the rewards you can get during your playthrough.

Where to Find Ormstunga in in God of War Ragnarok?

To find this boss, players will need to go to Dragon Beach and interact with the Elder Wayfarer Spirit for it will start The Lost Treasure Favour. Accept his request and Kratos will need to travel to Alberich Hollow.

In front of the big statue, there is a cavern entrance on the left side and deep inside is a sound stone that can be destroyed. Destroying the sound stone will lead to a fight with Ormstunga.

God of War Ragnarok Ormstunga objective - How To Beat

How to Defeat Ormstunga in God of War Ragnarok?

Ormstunga is one of the most difficult optional bosses that Kratos will face in the game and this little menace has skills and abilities that are really frustrating to conquer. Below is a list of pointers to remember when facing him:

  • Ormstunga loves to leap and will do anything to rip off of your face. He lunges very quickly and after hitting Kratos, he will begin to run away.
  • To pin down this agile boss, use Kratos’ spear and stick a few of them into him, and detonate them all. Using the spear is very effective but note that Ormstunga will evade the incoming projectiles without any problem.
  • Patiently, time your attacks will be the key to defeating him as well as preparing traps for him. This will give a certain advantage in performing additional attacks
  • Using arrows is an option as well for it will catch Ormstunga off guard and will also open up a path for continuous hits.

God of War Ragnarok Ormstunga Boss Fight Rewards

  • Svefnthorn
  • Amulet Enchantment [Emblem of Elusion]

That’s how to beat Ormstunga in God of War Ragnarok. We hope this article was informative. For more on God of War Ragnarok content, we have more articles for you to check out.

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