How to Beat King Hrolf Kraki in God of War Ragnarok: Boss Fight Guide

What's a king compared to what Kratos has hunted for ages

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The King Hrolf Kraki boss fight in God of War Ragnarok is one of the loose ends that need to be tied up in the game’s epilogue. He is one of the regrets that Mimir is directly responsible for and must be stopped no matter what.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to bring down the mad king Hrolf Kraki, including things like the kinds of moves he has at his disposal and things you need to watch out for.

King Hrolf Kraki Gravestone Location

In order to start this fight, you’ll need to have dealt with the King’s berserker spirits first. Use this guide to help you get started or if you’re looking for help with a particularly difficult encounter.

Hrolf’s gravestone is back where it all started, the King’s Grave in Midgard. Now, we don’t know if the Norn foresaw this outcome but they already knew that Kratos was more than willing to rid the world of another vengeful spirit.

How to Defeat King Hrolf Kraki in God of War Ragnarok?

The first thing you need to know about fighting Hrolf is that he has all the moves all your previous opponents utilized. Just like the former Valkyrie Sigrun. Not only that, Hrolf is a master of all the elements and frequently changes between them after each attack.

For instance, he can advance with flaming punches, pull back and cast seeking orbs of bifrost, and advance again with lighting punches.

As expected from any final boss encounter, his health pool is far deeper compared to the other Berserker spirits. Additionally, he launches attacks more frequently and with deadly force. Parrying and knowing when to dodge is critical to defeating him.

In terms of weapons, he frequently wields a war hammer, a war axe, twin mace/axes, and his own sword. You can try to predict his next based on what he has on hand but from what I’ve noticed, he switches weapons too quickly. You’re better off reading his movements as a whole.

For this encounter, I was wearing the following gear:

  • Level 9 Berserker Cuirass
  • Level 9 Nidavellir’s Finest Arm Guards
  • Level 9 Berserker Waist Guard
  • Level 9 All weapons

This set allows for very high defense and high Vitality while being able to rely on relic abilities. This is just a suggestion, of course. Feel free to mix and match things according to your playstyle. Just know that you will need to be flawless in your parries and dodges if you want to get anywhere in this encounter. And in higher difficulties, this boss’ health will be even greater.

As for Amulet mods, I was running with the following sets:

  • Niflheim Enchantment Set
  • Alfheim Enchantment Set
  • Greater Regenerating Essence
  • Sigil of Doom
  • Remedy of the Bifrost

In terms of moment-to-moment combat, my advice is to stay within striking distance of him. You don’t want to give enough room to maneuver but at the same time, you’ll want to have enough space in between so that you can comfortably destroy orbs and dodge the 4-point unstoppable elemental attack.

More importantly, the reason why you don’t want to stay far away is that when he does his blue attack, you’ll want to react quickly without hesitating. If you’re to go with this strategy, your best bet is to hold off on using your Runic Attacks until he’s channeling the attack. You can try and spam abilities if you wish but this build has a below-than-average Runic Attack and Cooldown.

The only situation where you need to react immediately is when he launches an orb. Destroy it as quickly as possible. Because chances are, he’s going to launch another attack immediately after, leaving the orb to do its work.

Other than that, just remember all the moves the previous spirits threw at you and allow muscle memory to kick in. He doesn’t have a unique attack of his own so there shouldn’t be any surprises.

All the unstoppable attacks, the high leap dive attack, and the magic attacks – all you’ve seen in fights before.

Now that we know what to expect, all that’s left now is to survive the onslaught and deal as much damage to him as possible. It might take more than a few attempts but you’ve gone this far in the questline, might as well see it through to the end.

King Hrolf Kraki Boss Fight Rewards

  • Hilt of Skofnung
    • Can summon the King’s 12 bodyguards in sword form to defend Kratos against attacks.
  • Helheim’s Virtue Amulet Enchantment
  • Bonded Leather +300
  • Hacksilver +250000

After you’ve dealt with the King, you’ll be rewarded with a handsome stack of material, a complete sword hilt, and the Grave Mistake Gold Trophy. And a wholesome exchange between Kratos and Mimir.

And that’s it for this King Hrolf Kraki boss guide. We hope this article was informative. For more on God of War Ragnarok content, we have more articles for you to check out.

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