Lost Ark Fever Time Weekend Event

An overview on the Fever Time Weekend Event in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Fever Time Event

Lost Ark has announced the Fever Time in game event in its March 15 Hotfix post where players can claim battle item chests during the weekends. This event is meant to give players some boost through the supply of different battle items that are very useful on raids and dungeons.

When will the Fever Time Weekend Event happen?

Players can expect the event to happen every Saturdays and Sundays between 3:01 AM PT / 10:01 AM UTC and 2:59 AM PT / 9:59 AM UTC, up until April 10th. Here is the list of weekends when the event will happen:

  • March 19 (Sat) and 20 (Sun)
  • March 26 (Sat) and 27 (Sun)
  • April 2 (Sat) and 3 (Sun)
  • April 9 (Sat) and 10 (Sun)

According to the hotfix thread posted on the official Lost Ark forums last March 15, the hotfix “also kicks off the in-game Fever Time event”, which means that right after the hotfix was implemented, players should expect to get their first batch of chests starting on March 19, but it looks like that was not the case.

As of the time of this writing, players can already see the “Fever Time” notification on the Proving Grounds Entry Board during the event times. This event can also be seen as a selectable event in the in-game calendar. However, it appears that no one has received any of the event rewards yet, nor does the calendar show any Expected Rewards from the event. The Lost Ark support team has yet to announce any update or clarification about the event. We will update this article once we get any news on the event.

How to claim rewards from Fever Time Weekend Event?

If it is similar to previous giveaway events, you can expect the rewards to show up on your Express Mail once you are logged in the game during the event times. No specific details were included in the hotfix thread that requires players to do anything PvP-related to receive the chests.

What can we get from the Fever Time Weekend Event?

Players can claim a “3 Battle Items Chest” per day of the event. The chest can be claimed once per roster and any character from the roster can claim it. The chest will include the following items:

  • Healing Battle Item Chest x5, each chest includes:
    • HP Potion x15
    • Major HP Potion x10
    • Elemental HP Potion x5
    • Panacea x5
  • Utility Battle Item Chest x5, each chest includes:
    • Flare x5
    • Taunting Scarecrow x4
    • Camouflage Robe x4
    • Stealth Robe x4
    • Sacred Charm x6
    • Luterra’s Horn x3
    • Campfire x4
    • Panacea x5
    • Repair Shop Portal Scroll x1
    • Time Stop Potion x3
    • Pheromone Bomb x5
  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x5, each chest includes:
    • Thunder Potion x5
    • Flash Grenade x6
    • Flame Grenade x6
    • Frost Grenade x6
    • Electric Grenade x6
    • Dark Grenade x 6
    • Corrosive Bombe x5
    • Whirlwind Grenade x6
    • Clay Grenade x6
    • Sleep Bomb x5
    • Sacred Bomb x6
    • Destruction Bomb x5

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