Lost Ark Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid Guide

A guide on how to defeat Frost Helgaia in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Frost Helgaia Raid

Frost Helgaia is one of the Lost Ark bosses that players can challenge in the Guardian Raids. He is a variant of Helgaia that uses the power of ice instead of fire. His frost debuff can easily slow down anyone nearby and eventually freeze them in place, making them easy targets for a damaging attack.

In this guide, we will look into Frost Helgaia’s attack patterns and talk about what to look out for, as well as share some tips and strategies on how to survive and clear this raid.

How to Unlock Frost Helgaia Raid in Lost Ark

How to Unlock Frost Helgaia Raid in Lost Ark

To Unlock Frost Helgaia Raid, you will first have to unlock the Guardian Raids by just progressing through the main story. Then, you will have to defeat all of the level 1, level 2, and level 3 raid bosses. Finally, reach iLvl 960 to be able to enter the Frost Helgaia raid.

How to beat Frost Helgaia in Lost Ark?

Most of Frost Helgaia’s attacks are similar to its regular counterpart, except for a few changes on some attacks.

Frost Helgaia Weaknesses

  • Frost Helgaia is very weak against lightning damage
  • Skills with Mid-High Stagger and Whirlwind Grenades
    • Switch out your skills with tripods that provide a boost with its stagger. You should focus on dishing out all your staggering skills as well as Whirlwind Grenades while he is charging.
  • Counter Skills
    • Frost Helgaia can be countered while he prepares for a charge or a fly-by. Similar to every boss, this will be telegraphed by a blue glow.

Frost Helgaia Debuff and Wipe Mechanic

Frost Helgaia can inflict the Frost debuff with some of his attacks that. This debuff will slow down players’ movement speed and can stack up to 5 times, after which the player will become completely frozen.

The debuff is especially deadly during his wipe mechanic. When he flies up and out of the screen, pay close attention to the ground to find where the frost winds will appear. Stay away from the frost whirlwinds to avoid getting frozen and also to avoid the slam attack.

Frost Helgaia Evolution Mechanic

Similar to Helgaia, Frost Helgaia can also charge up to evolve into a stronger form. He can evolve twice and on every stage of evolution, some of his attacks will become stronger or will have a different attack pattern. On his evolution towards its third and final phase, he will release a huge AoE blast that can deal massive damage to everyone caught by it.

To delay the evolution, players should concentrate on staggering Frost Helgaia while he is charging up. This can be done by dishing out staggering skills or by using a Whirlwind Grenade at him. Every evolution attempt will also increase his stagger resistance, making it harder to do a successful stagger.

Frost Helgaia Evolution Mechanic - Lost Ark

Frost Helgaia Phases, Attacks, and Tactics

Phase 1

  • Peck – Frost Helgaia will lower his head, whip it back up, and then slam his beak to the ground. As a general rule that applies to most of his attacks, do no position yourself in front of his head to avoid getting hit.
  • Slam – Frost Helgaia will flap its wings, fly up, and then slam down to the ground with its feet. He can do this attack twice. Once he flies up, dodge away from him. He will land a bit forward from where he was and can also change directions after the first attack, so do not reposition where he is facing.
  • Fling – He will lower its head and flick it up quickly, flinging anyone who gets hit up and over towards his back. Stay away from his head as much as possible, reposition towards the back side.
  • Wing Slash – He will swipe one of his wings, hitting mostly whoever is at his front left or front right, or on the sides. Dodge towards his legs or his tail to avoid getting hit by the wing.
  • Tail Whip – He will twist his body slightly and then whips his tail from one side to the other. Stay close to his legs or under the tail to avoid getting hit as the hit box of this attack is far from his body.
  • Charge – Frost Helgaia will raise his wings and charges towards the direction he is facing. Sidestep away from its charge path to avoid getting trampled on. He can also glow blue during this attack, so hit him with a counter skill to stop him from charging.
  • Evolution – He will start charging to evolve. This can be stopped when he gets staggered enough. Otherwise, a huge AoE blast will explode around him. This is considered to be one of Frost Helgaia’s wipe mechanic.
Frost Helgaia Phases, Attacks, and Tactics

Phase 2

Phase 2 includes all of his attacks from phase 1, but some will be upgraded and deal bigger damage.

  • Fly-by – An upgraded Charge. He will fly towards the direction he is facing and leave behind ice pillars in his path. Dodge out of the path or counter when he glows blue.
  • Upgraded Slam – His slam attacks now deal bigger damage and has a slightly larger AoE range. Dodge farther away to avoid getting hit by the slams, which usually happens twice.
  • Double Wing Slash – An upgraded Wing Slash. He can do a combo of left and right wing slashes and end with a double wing slash.

Phase 3

Phase 3 includes all of his attacks from phase 1 and 2, but will deal more damage and can happen in quick succession.

  • Frozen Winds – Frost Helgaia will fly up to the sky. Swirling wind will then appear on the ground after a few seconds while he hovers back down. These winds can quickly inflict the Frost debuff, slowing down anyone who get caught. After a few seconds, Frost Helgaia will then slam the ground with great force, which sends out a huge shockwave of damage which could instakill players. When Frost Helgaia disappears from the screen, be aware of where the winds will appear. If you get caught by the winds, use your dodge or movement skills to get out of the winds immediately.
Frost Helgaia Raid Rewards - Lost Ark

Frost Helgaia Raid Rewards

After defeating Frost Helgaia, you will have the chance to be rewarded with the following:

  • Splendid Monarch Necklace
  • Splendid Monarch Earrings
  • Splendid Pulverizer Earrings
  • Splendid Monarch Ring
  • Splendid Pulverizer Ring
  • Destruction Stone
  • Guardian Stone
  • Life Leapstone
  • Tier 2 Legendary Ability Stone
  • Frost Helgaia Card
  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Class Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Skill Rune

Frost Helgaia Raid Tips

  • Bring the essentials like HP potions, Whirlwind Grenades, and Flares.
  • Frost Helgaia is weak to the Lightning element, so switch out some skills that has the Lightning element if you can. Electric Grenades can also work.
  • Try to delay the evolution as much as possible to prevent Frost Helgaia from gaining stronger attacks. Use all of your mid-high stagger skills or your damaging Awakening skills while he’s charging.
  • It’s recommended to have a set party that knows the mechanics of Frost Helgaia’s raid. This is important because everyone must know that they should commit their staggering attacks during the evolution attack, or else it will fail. Uninitiated players tend to just move away from the attack which could waste staggering efforts.
Frost Helgaia Raid Tips - Lost Ark

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