Lost Ark Chromanium Guardian Raid Guide

A guide on how to defeat Chromanium in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Chromanium Raid

Chromanium is one of the Lost Ark bosses that players can challenge in the Guardian Raids in the game. It’s a huge tortoise-like creature that can blast out bombardments from the back of its shell. Though not the fastest raid boss, its barrage of explosions can catch you off guard if you don’t pay enough attention.

If you’ve worked your way through all of Lost Ark’s Level 1 Guardian Raids, you’re probably getting ready for Chromanium, the final unlockable Guardian Raid. While Guardian Raids can be accomplished in groups of up to three, the difficulty scales according to the number of participants. In order to enter, you’ll all need to be level 460+.

If you’d like some company, you can make use of the matchmaking or locate party options. But these raids are manageable by the majority of classes. In this guide, we will look into Chromanium’s attack patterns and share some tips and strategies in order to clear this raid.

How to Unlock Chromanium Guardian Raid

To unlock Chromanium Guardian Raid you will first have to unlock the Guardian Raids by just progressing through the main story. Then, you will have to defeat all of the level 1 raid bosses. Finally, reach the minimum item level requirement of iLvl 460 or higher to be able to enter the Chromanium raid.

How to beat Chromanium in Lost Ark?

Chromanium Weaknesses

  • Chromanium is weak against fire damage.
  • Destruction Skills and Bomb Items
    • You will want to hit Chromanium with demolition skills and explosives such as corrosion bombs, destruction bombs, or whirlwind grenades in order to shatter his strongly protected shell. This is to break Chromanium’s armor as soon as possible and should be the first priority.
  • Impairment abilities
    • After shattering Chromanium’s armor, use impairment abilities to knock him down. Make use of all skills that induce impairment on a consistent basis in order to bring down Chromanium. As long as he is knocked down, you will deal more damage than usual.

Chromanium Phases

Chromanium has a thick shell on its back that provides it with additional defense against players’ attacks. The first thing players should do is to break this shell using skills that have Weak Point or using Destruction Bombs against it. It will get staggered twice before its shell is broken, afterwards it will take in true damage from players’ attacks.

Phase 1 Attacks and Patterns

  • Body Slam – With one hand raised, Chromanium smashes the other side of his body with force. The best method to avoid being hit by him is to walk behind him and out of his line of sight.
  • Orb Cannon – A purple orb is formed in Chromanium’s shell cannon before he fires it into the arena, which glows purple. If a member of the party is hit by the orb, it will cause them to be stunned and damaged. However, the orb moves very slowly. As a counter measure, his cannon’s charge time is rather long. You should be able to see it charging, giving you plenty of time to spread out and move out of the path.
  • Four Pulsating Orbs – Each of the four red orbs that spawn near Chromanium has an AOE zone surrounding it, making it easier to dodge them. These orbs slow and damage you upon contact.
  • Frontal Cone Breath – He will begin sucking air into his mouth before exhaling an icy cone with an enormous range.
  • Cannon Barrage Bombardment – Unlike the purple orb, the orb and Chromanium will both glow red when this ability is channeled. It will then split apart in the air and red indicator circles will appear on the ground. You should try to go behind him if you can, as this can be tough to avoid.
  • Mortar – Like the previous ability, however this time the attack will target a party member. The blast will have a considerably greater impact and cover a much larger area than the barrage did.

Phase 2 Attacks and Patterns

Phase 2 includes all of Phase 1’s attacks/abilities.

  • Leap or Double Leap – An AOE attack, Chromanium’s Leap/Double Leap is performed by moving his front legs to the side and then leaping forward, delivering damage to all enemies in his path. He can jump twice in rapid succession at times. He has the ability to perform many leaps at the same time. Don’t stay in front of Chromanium to avoid this.
  • Ground Pound – When Chromanium uses this move, the ground beneath his feet begins to rumble as he straightens his front legs. Afterwards, he leaps into the air and smacks into the ground, doing immense damage to the area around him.
  • Double Slam – Chromanium straightens his front legs and moves them closer together, same as the last ability. But this time the ground won’t move at all. He’ll do it all over again. Keep a safe distance this time around because the AOE impact has been quadrupled, and the damage is still enormous.

Phase 3 Attacks and Patterns

Phase 3 includes changes made to include all previously available attacks/abilities.

  • Perma Cannon – Damage from the orb is now dealt in an area-of-effect (AOE) rather than a single point of impact. Chromanium will hurl his red orb into the air and have it land someplace around him when he does so. As long as the orb is in place, it will pulsate and inflict damage on everyone within range. Try to lure Chromanium away from the orb as much as possible.
  • Four Orbs Upgrade — This ability is very similar to the original phase 1 version. Chromanium will conjure four orbs, similar to his Pulsating orbs, but these orbs will also suction players who enter them. While still harming and slowing you, getting trapped in the AOE of the orbs will propel you closer to the center.

Lost Ark Chromanium Raid Attacks and Tactics

Front Stomp

Chromanium will lift its front legs and slam towards the ground.

This attack has a slow prep animation, so dodging it is easy. It will also have a different version where Chromanium will glow blue. Use skills that can counter to take him down for a few seconds of opening.

Lost Ark Chromanium Attack - Front Stomp

Side Stomp

Chromanium will lift its legs on one side and slam them to the ground.

Simply dodge away to avoid getting hit by the stomp.

Air Stream

Chromanium will inhale and shoot out a stream of air in front of it. In later parts of the fight, this attack will cover a 180-degree area.

Sidestep to avoid the stream, or dodge towards Chromanium’s side to avoid the larger stream.

Jump Attacks

Chromanium will jump into the air as it chases a player. It can either do 1 to 2 jumps. Another variation of this attack is when there is an air swirling animation below its front feet, Chromanium will jump in place.

Afterwards, if Chromanium widens its stance, it will jump in place again but with a larger AoE shockwave, and jump one last time with a larger AoE shockwave that brings out rock pillars form the ground that deal great amounts of damage.

The smaller jumps can be avoided easily. What you need to pay attention to is its stance change with the feet that leads to the massive jump AoE attack. Make sure to dodge or run away as soon as the first jump happens.

Cannon Bombardment

Chromanium will blast a projectile form its back. A red ring will then appear on the ground where it will land, dealing massive damage to anyone nearby. A variation of this attack is when Chromanium’s shell glows blue instead and shoots out a blue orb that tracks a player for a few seconds and can stun when it hits.

Pay attention to its shell and to the ground to avoid getting hit by the projectile. If it’s a blue projectile, just run away for a few seconds and it will dissipate.

Lost Ark Chromanium Attack - Cannon Bombardment

Cannon Barrage

Chromanium will shoot out several projectiles into the air that will land on random spots nearby. Red markers will also appear on the ground where they will land.

During this attack, pause your attacks and focus on avoiding the projectiles as there can be a lot to dodge from.

Lost Ark Chromanium Attack - Cannon Barrage

Gravity Orbs

Chromanium will shoot out four orbs, one in each cardinal direction, that will linger on the map for a few seconds. These orbs will cause a slow movement debuff to every player for a few seconds. Later on in the fight, these orbs can slowly pull players that are near them.

Once these orbs are out, make sure to stay alert for any follow up attacks and only use your dodge if you are about to get hit. The slow debuff will fall off after a few seconds even if the orbs are still up.

Gravity Orbs - Cannon Barrage

Chromanium Raid Rewards

After defeating Chromanium, you will have the chance to be rewarded with the following:

  • Splendid Vanguard Necklace
  • Splendid Vanguard Earrings
  • Splendid Watcher Earrings
  • Splendid Vanguard Ring
  • Splendid Watcher Ring
  • Destruction Stone Fragments
  • Guardian Stone Fragments
  • Harmony Leapstone
  • Legendary Ability Stone
  • Chromanium Card
  • Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Skill Rune

Chromanium Guardian Raid Tips

  • Bring the essential battle items such as HP potions, Destruction Bombs, and Flares.
  • Switch up your skills to include ones that have Weak Point levels so that you can destroy its shell easily.
  • Chromanium is weak to the Fire Element, so try to use skills that have that element.
  • Skills that are not related to impairment or destruction should be prepared for when Chromanium is knocked down. Make certain that your skills with lengthier cooldowns are not on cooldown when he is broken and knocked down if you have them. As soon as he is down, use all of your best burst damage skills to inflict the most damage possible.
  • You will have to track down Chromanium at various points during the battle, since he will flee at certain points throughout. Remember that he goes through three phases of attacks. After you’ve knocked him down and he’s gotten back up, he’ll enter the second phase. Chromanium will burrow underground and resurface in a different location on the map every time the next phase is about to begin. He will enter the third phase when his health drops to less than 25%. His eyes and shell begin to glow bright red during this phase, indicating that he has reached this stage.
  • Flares are important for swiftly locating any Guardians that have gone missing.
  • In order to combat the Chromanium’s heavy armor, we recommend including a Gunslinger or an Artillerist on your party who want to specialize in armor reduction debuffs in order to make the fight more manageable.
Chromanium Guardian Raid Tips

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