Lost Ark – How to Defeat Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide

A guide on how to defeat Nacrasena in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Nacrasena Raid

Nacrasena is one of the Lost Ark bosses that players can challenge in the Guardian Raids. It looks like a cross between a scorpion and Anubis and uses the power of lightning to deal massive damage to anyone nearby. Though its fight mechanics aren’t as complex as the others, its quick paralyzing attacks can mean instant death for those who get hit.

In this guide, we will look into Nacrasena’s attack patterns and share some tips and strategies on how to clear the raid.

How to Unlock Nacrasena Guardian Raid

To Unlock Nacrasena Guardian Raid, you will first have to unlock the Guardian Raids by just progressing through the main story. Then, you will have to defeat all of the level 1 raid bosses. Finally, reach iLvl 500 to be able to enter the Nacrasena raid.

Nacrasena States

Nacrasena has two states: a regular and a charged state. When it is on its charged state, its tail will become more dangerous as it can summon and shoot lightning, as well as grab someone for a kill.

Nacrasena Attacks

Claw Slash

Nacrasena will slam its claws on the ground one after the other and then swing them out in front, starting with the left claw then the right claw.

Once you see its claws hit the ground, dodge towards its left side to avoid getting hit.

Claw Backslap

Nacrasena will bring one of its claws close to its head before swinging it outwards while turning to the side where the claw is.

Dodge towards the side where its stationary claw is to avoid the swinging claw.

Charging Claw Swing

Nacrasena will wildly swing its claws to prepare for the attack. It will then charge forward while alternately swinging its claws.

The direction of the charge is towards the side where it is facing and just goes straightforward. Simply sidestep to avoid getting caught by the swings.

If Nacrasena glows blue during this attack, use a counter skill to cancel its attack and knock it down for an opening.

Claw Slam

Nacrasena will raise one of its claws to prepare for the attack. It will then slam it to the ground, followed by the other claw while it takes a few steps forward.

Once you see the raised claw, sidestep to avoid getting hit and getting trampled on.

Jump Attack

Nacrasena will bring both of its claws in front of its head while looking upwards. It will then jump and slam the ground which also releases a small shockwave around. It can do this jump twice and it can also electrocute while Nacrasena is in its charged state.

Once both claws are up, dodge away from its body and wait for it to finish its second jump before resuming your attacks.

Draining Breath

Nacrasena will rear its body backwards and then spit out twice from its left to the right. Players who get hit by the spit will have part of their MP or Stamina drained.

As soon as you see it rear back, go towards its left side near its tail to avoid both spits.

Underground Pounce

Nacrasena will dig down, go underground and chase a player. After a few seconds, it will jump out of the ground to pounce on the player’s position.

There will be a plume of dust that will tell where Nacrasena is at and who it is following. It takes around three seconds from the time it dug down to the time of its pounce, so make sure to time your dodge right or better yet, get a shield.

Nacrasena Charged Attacks - Lost Ark

Nacrasena Charged Attacks

Energy Geyser

Nacrasena will jab its charged tail to the ground. Rings of energy will then appear on random spots around it which will burst upwards.

Try to concentrate on avoiding the circles to find a clear space during this attack as the blasts can deal a huge chunk of damage and multiple geysers can also juggle you in the air if you are unlucky.

Lightning Strike

Nacrasena will curl up and summon lightning strikes that will track a particular player. Circle markers will appear on the ground where lightning will hit.

If you’re being chased by the lightning strikes, try to move away from your party members and don’t stop moving to avoid getting hit. Otherwise, this is a great opening to land your heavy skills on Nacrasena.

Lightning Strike: Nacrasena Charged Attacks - Lost Ark

Tail Whip

Nacrasena will slam its tail on the ground and then wildly swings it from left to right.

If you are positioned behind Nacrasena, move towards its left side while heading towards its claw to avoid the tail.

Tail Shock

Nacrasena will quickly rear up and shoot lightning bolts from its tail. Anyone who gets hit can get Electrocuted and stunned for a few seconds.

Because of how fast the tell is for this particular attack, try not to position yourself directly in front of Nacrasena as the lightning bolts will shoot out parallel to its body. It can also do this attack twice so keep on circling around it to avoid getting hit. If you get Electrocuted, quickly use a Panacea or have someone use a cleansing skill to avoid getting hit by the next attack.

Tail Jab

If Nacrasena successfully electrocutes a player, it will then jab its tail to the player and raise it up high for a few seconds. The player will then get tick damage for the duration of the attack. After a few seconds, Nacrasena will then slam the player to the ground a couple of times and then throw the player to the ground.

When this happens, everyone else should dish out their staggering skills or throw Whirlwind Grenades to stagger Nacrasena and stop the attack. Be careful not to position yourself

Tail Jab: Nacrasena Charged Attacks - Lost Ark

Nacrasena Break Mechanic

When Nacrasena is charged up, try to stagger it down using staggering skills of Whirlwind Grenades. When it is down, an indicator will appear on its tail to signal that it can be broken. Everyone should then use a skill that has a Weak Point level or a Destruction Bomb and hit it enough times to cut the tail off.

Once the tail is successfully cut, Nacrasena will not be able to use any of its charged tail attacks for the rest of the fight.

Nacrasena Break Mechanic - Lost Ark

Nacrasena Raid Rewards

After defeating Nacrasena, you will have the chance to be rewarded with the following:

  • Splendid Vanguard Necklace
  • Splendid Vanguard Earrings
  • Splendid Watcher Earrings
  • Splendid Vanguard Ring
  • Splendid Watcher Ring
  • Destruction Stone Fragments
  • Guardian Stone Fragments
  • Harmony Leapstone
  • Legendary Ability Stone
  • Nacrasena Card
  • Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Skill Rune

Nacrasena Raid Tips

  • Bring the essential battle items such as HP potions, Panaceas, Whirlwind Grenades, Destruction Bombs, and/or Flares.
  • Switch up your skills to include ones that have Weak Point levels to be able to use them for cutting the tail, as well as skills with mid-high stagger to counter the tail jab attack.
  • Nacrasena is also weak to the Earth Element, so try to use skills that have that element.
Nacrasena Raid Tips - Lost Ark

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